As we all know, The number 1024 is the most familiar and basic number for every programmer who writes code to build a technological world that improves our everyday lives. It is the existence of programmers that makes our lives more convenient and efficient.

Last Thursday(October 24, 2019), our company celebrated the Programmer’s Day for all R & D department. MINEW is an IOT enterprise, which is very thinking highly of innovation and research, prepared some fantastic benefits to appreciate the hard work of all those who write code to build new features and fix old bugs.

Part one : Special gifts

MINEW customized the memorable Pepsi, cards for our programmers. These gifts take its the metaphoric meaning from Pepsi Cola to wish everything is happy in MINEW and form oranges to wish their coding has no BUG in work!


Part two: Massage experience

MINEW specially scheduled massage activities for each programmer in the afternoon, which aims to keep them relaxing in work. In this part ,MINEW firmly made our programmer feel at home. How sweet they smiled and a thumb can explain.


Part three: Competition

In this part, MINEW organized some relaxing and competitive games to make all programmers to participate in it, such as X box motion-sensor game. Last but not least, he who laugh in the end laughs best. You’d never guess that the person who won the prize was an unheralded bystander. Hulin cheng won the championship of the competition and showed his unspeakable smiled for that moment.


Although the activity ended.,our blessing is not over MINEW always believe that all programmers should be respect for their pioneering innovation and hard-working spirit, which is worth learning it for all MINEW staff. Finally, MINEW wish them have bushy hair and no bugs whatever in work or life. Happy Programmer’s Day!

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