MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway

All-in-One Connectivity

MG5-Outdoor-Mobile-Gateway MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway
MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway

MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway serves as a constant companion to assets throughout the supply chain, collecting Bluetooth data and uploading it in real-time to your cloud. It converts vehicle activities into actionable insights for your solutions to boost your business and even revolutionizes supply chain management by ensuring sustained real-time visibility, based on Bluetooth tech, LTE-M & NB-IoT communications, and GPS tracking.

  • LTE-M / NB-IoT / 4G Cat.1
  • Bluetooth data collection & filtering
  • GPS / BDS dual-mode
  • Gateway / tracker mode
  • Data saved in network off
  • Data security (SSL/TLS)
  • Power-saving mode auto-switching

How it works

mg5 LTE-M/NB-IoT/4G gateway, upload data to cloud platform
Next-level Cold Chain Monitoring

Next-level Cold Chain Monitoring

Take cold chain monitoring to new heights with the MG5. Ensure temperature-sensitive goods integrity with real-time tracking, alerts, and advanced analytics for the optimal cold chain management.

Pharma Logistics

Pharma Logistics

We address challenges related to limited visibility into temperature conditionsduring transportation and the need for compliance with strict regulatoryguidelines.By offering real-time temperature monitoring, automated alertingand data analysis, we enable timely identification and correction of temperature fluctuations, ensuring improved pharma product quality and safety.

Dairy Product Transportation

Dairy Product Transportation

Temperature fluctuations pose significant challenges to dairy product transpotation. We tackle this by installing temperature sensors on refrigerated trucksfor continuous monitoring and real-time data transmission. Fleet managersreceive alerts, enabling proactive measures to prevent spoilage, and resulting inimproved product quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Bakery Product Transportation

Bakery Product Transportation

We address the challenges of bakery product transportation by providingreal-time temperature monitoring and alerts. With sensors deployed, we ensureincreased visibility into temperature conditions and prompt response to deviations. Real-time analytics enable quick issue identification,while alerts forfactors like door openings,power outages, and refrigeration system failuresfurther enhance control.

Ignition Detection & Digital Input

Ignition Detection & Digital Input

The MG5 features an integrated “Ignition Detection & Digital Input” line. It connects to the car’s ACC interface, detecting vehicle ignition (8V~48V) and can also serve as a digital input when needed. This versatile feature offers flexibility and usability, simplifying setup.

About the Data Plan

About the Data Plan

Free SlM Card Traffic for Testing: The gateway comes with 30 MB of data for customer use upon factory delivery. As long as any of the following conditions are met, the Data Plan of 100 MB per month will become effective.

A. lf the data usage exceeds 30 MB during the 3-month testing period.
B. Exceeding the 3-month testing period.

North America
There is a 6-month testing period, and if exceeding the testing period, the Data Plan of 100 MB per month will become effective.

*The Data Plan is valid for 12 months. For renewal of the data plan, please contact our sales team.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios

Site Operations
Logistics Visibility
Asset Management
Cold Chain Monitoring


MG5 Outdoor Mobile Gateway Specifications * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Material PC (UV radiation resistance)
Color Black & grey
Protection IP68 rating
GNSS module Outdoor GPS / BDS
Sensor Accelerometer (motion detection)/Temp sensor/Barometer (optional)
Operating temperature -20~70℃
Bluetooth scanning range 328 ft (100 m) or above
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery for high temp resistance(optional)
Cloud service AWS, Azure, Google, IBM
SDK Supported
Software OTA Supported
Configuration Supported
Security Protocol MQTT with SSL/TLS

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