MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor

Industrial wide-range temperature monitoring.

MST01 Industrial Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor
MST01 Bluetooth® industrial temperature and humidity sensor MST01 Bluetooth® industrial temperature and humidity sensor

MST01 is a industrial Bluetooth® temperature and humidity sensor built to suit all industrial scenarios for environmental monitoring, especially in manufacturing, healthcare, and warehousing. It features settable alarm thresholds for temperature and humidity, and a long broadcast distance of up to 656 ft (200 m). One of the key features of MST01 is its ability to support optional probes. These probes can be used to measure temperature and humidity levels in a variety of settings to fit specific applications.

  • High precision
  • Temp. & humidity alarm threshold
  • 20,480 local data storage
  • 656 ft (200 m) broadcast range
  • 4 optional probes
  • IP67/IP65 dust & water resistance
  • Wide-range temp monitoring(-40 to 125℃)

Designed with the Flexible Installation in mind

With the bracket
MST01 comes with a bracket, easy to be fixed with screws to the wall, ceiling, and corners, for example. Extremely durable.
With the double-sided tape
MST01 comes with double-sided tape as well. It’s also stable enough to install on a dry and clean surface.
Industrial Production Environment Management

Industrial Production Environment Management

• High integration and accurate measurement.
• Timely monitor production environment changes.
• Mass recording of monitoring data.

Smart Warehousing Construction

Smart Warehousing Construction

• Real-time temp&humidity data update.
• Transport environment monitoring.
• Elimination of product deterioration.

Medical Environment Monitoring

Medical Environment Monitoring

• Medicine and vaccines storage.
• Alarm threshold and timely abnormal alert.
• Precise control of medicine storage environment.


MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor Specifications * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Product image MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor 01 MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor 02 MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor 03 MST01 Industrial Temp. & Humidity Sensor 04
Model MST01-01 MST01-02 MST01-03 MST01-04
Measure temperature -30℃~70℃ -30℃~70℃ -30℃~80℃ -40℃~125℃
Weight 106.8g 103.1g 131.1g 128.9g
Protection IP65 IP64 IP65(Main body)
IP65(Main body)
Color White
Material ABS + PC
Battery 1 lithium battery; 2700 mAh; 3 years
Sensor Temperature and humidity sensor
Chip nRF52 Series
Bluetooth version Bluetooth® LE 5.0
Broadcast distance Up to 200 m / 656 ft
Measure humidity 0~100%RH

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