What’s your plan for Halloween? Still working in the company? NONONO, here will be a interesting activity to invite you and join us.

In the morning of October 31th, MINEW held the fantastic the annual Halloween activity—Trick or Treat .



That’s right, it is the live of the Halloween Candy Carnival in MINEW. Everyone can wear ghostly costumes and makeup to work today. The scarier you dress in, the more candy you get.


All of things are OK. Are you ready to have fun with us?

With the sound of the “trick or treat” the Halloween party kicks off, these spirits and evils who carrying the pumpkin lanterns and hummer wear the ghost-like masks and ask for candy one by one . You will be hammered if you don’t have a amazing clothes and makeup. Or you would better give your candies to protect from the hit.


Emmm, wait a moment, what is purpose on the guy grabbing the candies from our sweet spirits?


Finally, the activity is end in the laughter. There is no doubt that the ghosts and elves get so many candies. WELL DONE! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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