i10 Indoor Location Beacon

Equipped with Bluetooth® LE 5.0, ABS material, special design, and up to 6 years life with replaceable battery, i10 is mainly designed for location and marketing. Users can quickly achieve asset positioning and real-time sending of promotional information. Also, up to 200m transmission range can help users realize the wider range of location tracking.

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Key Features

Up to 6 years lifetime

Up to 6 years lifetime

Replaceable battery

Replaceable battery

Up to 200m broadcasting range

Up to 200m broadcasting range

Bluetooth® LE 5.0

Bluetooth® LE 5.0

Typical Applications




Durable in various applications

Almost the longest-lasting battery-powered Bluetooth beacon, i10 with replaceable battery provides reliable services in terms of reducing maintenance and deployment costs for enterprises.
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High security with anti-malicious connection

Features with anti-malicious connection, helping users from privacy violation as the widespread of IoT applications.
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Strong compatibility

i10 can support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols for flexible deployment, and also supports Android or iOS systems for different mobile devices.
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Flexible installation

Double-side adhesives or screws installation is available. The i10 can be easily fixed with adhesives or screws anywhere. Also, the screw ports in different orientations can enhance the product flexibility according to the actual situations.
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Size 73.5×44.8×24.2mm
Weight 56.0g(Battery included)
Materials ABS
Battery AA battery 2900mAh capacity / Lithium battery 5400mAh capacity
Battery Lifetime 3 years / 6 years
Device Firmware iBeacon & Eddystone(Default)

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