MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Beacon

Longer Range. Bigger Battery.

 MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Beacon
MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Beacon

MBM01, a Bluetooth location beacon, is one of our most capable beacons with a super long range and a larger battery capacity than the average. MBM01 supports Wirepas Mesh and has an extremely transmission distance of up to 1,968 ft (600 m) or more (in open areas) at a 125 Kbps setting, and it can be reasonably deployed in public places such as airports and railway stations to manage human traffic and respond to emergency circumstances by cooperating with the Bluetooth® LE gateway. With nRF52833 chip supporting Direction Finding, high-throughput 2 Mbps, Mesh, Thread, and Zigbee protocols, MBM01 can be developed as an ideal device for delivering a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Bluetooth® LE 5.0
  • IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Compatible with 1Mbps/125Kbps
  • External Operation Button
  • Demo Cloud Platform & API Available
Ultra-long Range & Long Battery Life

Ultra-long Range & Long Battery Life

The broadcast distance of up to 1,968 ft (600 m) or more, achieved at the 125 Kbps setting, underscores the exceptional coverage of the MBM01. Besides, its impressive 10-year battery life not only guarantees sustained operational efficiency but also minimizes maintenance requirements, providing extended periods of reliable service without interruption.

Ultra-low Energy Consumption

Ultra-low Energy Consumption

The nRF52 series chip, known for its superior power management capabilities, is housed inside the MBM01. The beacon has extended operational life due to BLE 5.1 support, which makes it the best option for long-term deployments in energy-sensitive applications.

Platform-Neutral Interaction

Platform-Neutral Interaction

The MBM01 has exceptional compatibility supporting Android 4.3 and above as well as iOS 10.0 and higher. It enables a broad-reaching and standardized approach to engagement by simultaneously broadcasting both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios

Shopping Habits Analysis &  Precision Marketing
Shopping Habits Analysis & Precision Marketing

Based on the Bluetooth positioning technology and relative software development, users can collect data of customer shopping habits & behaviors for precision marketing. Also, the collected data can help users to adjust the commodity category or display to improve the economic profits.

Medical Consultation Tracking & Safety Responding
Medical Consultation Tracking & Safety Responding

In a general hospital, based on the indoor positioning technology and relative software development, the admin can collect data of daily medical consultation for the reasonable arrangement of medica. Also, through resources the reasonable installation of MBM01 in hospitals, the admin can locate every safe-guard's positions for fast responding once emergency happening

Information Pushing &  Indoor Navigation
Information Pushing & Indoor Navigation

Through the reasonable installation of MBM01 in airports, helping passengers save time to find the right boarding gate or proximity shops. Likewise, the admins can push information, such as flight or promotion information, to the user's mobile phone for message notifica tion and proximity marketing.


MBM01 Long Bluetooth Beacon * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Color White
Operating Temperature -20 ℃~65 ℃ / -18~50 ℃ (Depend on the battery)
Weight 129 g / 153.4 g (Depend on the battery)
Device Firmware iBeacon & Eddystone(Default)
Chip nRF52833 / nRF52840 (Optional)
Battery Lithium / Alkaline Battery; 10,800mAh / 5,800mAh
Broadcasting Range Up to 1,968 ft (600 m)
IP Certified IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
Sensors Accelerometer Optional
Installation Methods Double-side adhesive / Screw bracket (Optional)

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