Safety and Security

Location Intelligence devices provide real-time information on where people and assets move through

Prioritizing Safety and Security at All Times

In today's interconnected world, both individuals and businesses place high priority on ensuring "Safety and Security." At Minew, we recognize the critical need to safeguard people's well-being, assets, and health. Our IoT solutions are crafted with a primary focus on enhancing the safety and security of your environment while simultaneously boosting productivity and efficiency. Employing cutting-edge technology and reliable devices, we offer a comprehensive suite of hardware solutions to effectively address security concerns across diverse industries.

Typical Applications

Airport Security

Ensuring the safety of passengers and assets is paramount at airports. Integrated access control and location tracking technology offer comprehensive security hardware solutions.

Nursing Home Facility Security

Nursing home facilities benefit from Minew's access control and the elderly care and management solutions to prevent unauthorized access, respond to hurried help, and enhance the elderly safety.

Retail Loss Prevention

RFID technology and monitoring sensors enable retailers to prevent theft and enhance store security by tracking inventory and monitoring in-store activities.

Construction Site Safety

Wearable location devices for construction workers help minimize accidents by monitoring location and safety compliance on-site.

School Bus Security

Ensuring the safety of students and teachers is a top priority. Access control, location management, and emergency response contribute to a secure environment.

Vehicle Tracking

Apple Find My enabled devices assist in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles, enhancing car security and reducing the risk of theft.

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