Smart Office

Accelerate the digital transformation of your workplace

Productivity Meets Convenience in Minew Smart Office Solution

Smart Office is revolutionizing the way we work. Minew is at the forefront of this transformation, offering innovative IoT solutions that redefine productivity, comfort, and sustainability in office spaces. Minew's Smart Office hardware seamlessly integrates into workplaces, enhancing efficiency and user experience, from workspace optimization to employee security, creating a more connected, productive, and environmentally conscious work environment.

Typical Applications

  • Staff Efficiency and Management

    Staff Efficiency and Management

    Streamline employee management and empower employees to be more productive and engaged through the wearable location tag and help button.

  • Office Access Control

    Office Access Control

    Benefits: Enhanced security, convenience, it is an ideal option for present security demands based on its cutting-edge NFC technology.

  • Workspace Environmental Monitoring

    Workspace Environmental Monitoring

    Monitor temperature and humidity for a comfortable and healthy workspace.

  • Office Asset Tracking

    Office Asset Tracking

    Track and manage office equipment, furniture, and office assets, streamlining asset utilization.

  • Occupancy Sensing

    Occupancy Sensing

    Maximize space utilization by monitoring occupancy and enabling reservation.

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and Security

    Monitor office security and record daily office visit, human presence detection sensor for comprehensive security and easy integration.

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