Smart Warehouse

To track industrial assets, automate inventory handling, and optimize logistics processes

Make your warehouse smarter

The Smart Warehouse concept has emerged as a transformative solution for optimizing supply chain management. At the forefront of this warehouse revolution, Minew offers a cutting-edge suite of IoT solutions designed to turn traditional warehouses into intelligent, data-rich hubs of efficiency and productivity. With a combination of advanced asset tracking, real-time environmental monitoring, and predictive maintenance capabilities, our Smart Warehouse solution brings innovation to every corner of your logistics operations. To provide a clearer picture of its impact, let's delve into some real-world scenarios showcasing how Minew's solutions drive the future of warehousing.

Typical Applications

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

    Real-Time Inventory Management

    Minimize stockouts and overstocking with real-time inventory tracking. Utilize asset tags for precise asset location and status updates.

  • Temperature-Sensitive Storage

    Temperature-Sensitive Storage

    Ensure the safety and status of goods using a temperature and humidity monitoring sensor, which provides real-time environmental condition data.

  • Quick Location of Items

    Quick Location of Items

    Speed up order processing and enhance customer satisfaction using Asset Tracking and Inventory Optimization, which help locate items quickly.

  • Safety


    Ensure safety such as forklift operations with sensors that detect human presence and other hazards.

  • Pallet Tracking

    Pallet Tracking

    Streamline pallet tracking with pallet tags to reduce manual effort and improve efficiency.

  • Inventory Security

    Inventory Security

    Minimize theft and unauthorized access with our Access Control solution, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access inventory areas.

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