Intelligent IoT-Enabled Warehouse Digitalization

Optimize Efficiency, Enhance Visibility, and Drive Productivity in Your Warehouse Management: Asset Tracking, Inventory Handling, Environmental Monitoring, and Logistics Automation

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Businesses Failing to Adapt Lose Ground: IoT-Based Warehouse Solutions Blueprint a New Future.

“The global IoT in warehouse management market size was valued at USD 10.86 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 12.13 billion in 2023 to USD 28.79 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.1% during 2023-2030. Connected devices embedded with sensors and software can give users deep insights into their warehouse operations. A warehouse’s IoT system is used to transmit data over the network without the need for human interaction.

Why Transform Your Warehouse Management with Minew's IoT Hardware Solution?

In today's fast-paced and increasingly complex logistics environment, efficiency and visibility are key competitive advantages. Minew's Smart Warehouse Solution harnesses the power of IoT to streamline operations, enhance asset management, and provide real-time insights, ensuring your warehouse consistently operates at peak performance.

Easy and Fast Installation

Minimum Labor and Maintanence Cost

Industry Automation and Operation in Batch

Real-time Monitoring and 360° Asset Security

Improved Inventory Handling and Tracking

Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Business Growth

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Typical Applications

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

    Real-Time Inventory Management

    Minimize stockouts and overstocking with real-time inventory tracking and timely alerts. Utilize Bluetooth and BLE asset tags for precise asset location and status updates at a lower energy consumption.

  • Temperature-sensitive Storage

    Temperature-sensitive Storage

    Ensure product quality and assurance via industry-grade temperature-humidity monitoring sensors, capturing real-time environmental sensing data in a high-precision way.

  • Quick Location of Items

    Quick Location of Items

    Speed up order processing and enhance customer satisfaction via asset tracking and indoor location positioning, which help locate target objects and personnel quickly and accurately.

  • Pallet Tracking

    Pallet Tracking

    Streamline pallet tracking with pallet tags to replace labor-intensive methods, prevent human errors, and improve overall operational efficiency. Utilizing BLE location beacons leads to real-time monitoring of assets, inventories, or any target objects.

  • Personnel Safety

    Personnel Safety

    Timely alert and report potential hazards with real-time monitoring tags; replace labor-intensive warehouse management with smarter ones.

  • Inventory Security

    Inventory Security

    Minimize theft and unauthorized access with our access control solution, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access inventory areas.


  • Is it possible to power the G1 IoT Bluetooth® Gateway with an external solar panel?

    The G1 is a gateway used in indoor environments and does not support power supply via an external solar panel. For applications requiring solar power, we recommend using the MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway. The MG5 not only supports IP68 and IK10 dustproof and waterproof ratings but also comes with a built-in battery, allowing it to operate for a period of time without external power.
  • What are suggested deployment density of G1 IoT Bluetooth® Gateway?

    Indoor environments can be quite complex. An indoor coverage radius of 15 meters (with a gateway spacing of 30 meters) is a typical installation density for relatively open indoor spaces. If the longest connection point in the building exceeds 38 meters, it may require two G1 gateways to ensure adequate coverage.
  • What are key advantages of MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag in warehouse management and critical asset tracking?

    Besides its extended battery life (2-year service) and a wide broadcasting range, the MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag automates asset tracking and warehouse management through real-time monitoring and seamless integration with gateway and cloud systems. Implementing the MBT01 enhances industry automation and minimizes operational errors. In addition, MBT01 defends asset security with anti-tamper features. Once it is forcibly removed from the target asset, real-time alerts and alarms will be triggered.
  • What are estimated broadcasting range of MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag?

    Numerous factors may affect IoT connectivity and broadcasting range. In the case of the MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag, the maximum broadcasting range can reach up to 492 feet, or approximately 150 meters. This makes the device especially applicable and useful in settings such as warehouses and hospitals.
  • How is the E8S powered?

    The E8S is powered by a replaceable battery,(1pc CR series coin battery replaceable) designed to offer extended operational life and reduce maintenance frequency. For each battery replacement, E8S can work with a maximum of 1 year lifetime.
  • Can the MBS01 Pallet Beacon be equipped with an accelerometer?

    Based on the development specification sheet, the MBS01 has reserved solder pads for an accelerometer (ACC), allowing for optional attachment.

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