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Bluetooth Beacon

MTC02 Smart Finder 2

MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card

MBS02 Location Beacon

MBT02 Connectable Asset Tag

MWL01 Portable Location Beacon

MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge

F6 Smart Finder

MBM01 Ultra-Long Range Beacon

MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon

MBM03 Rugged Road Stud Beacon

MBT01 Anti-tamper Asset Tag

MBS01 Pallet Beacon

P1 Plus Robust Beacon

B10 Emergency Button

i10 Indoor Location Beacon

E9 Dear Beacon

C6 Wearable Beacon

C10 Card Beacon

E8 Asset Tracking Tag

D15N Keychain Beacon

IoT Starter Kits

Have you ever wonder using IoT starter kits in your solutions? For the warehouse, cold room, hospital, office or venues! It will surely be the fastest and easiest way to prototype different IoT application scenarios while avoiding a high investment upfront. Click Buy Now Get started with IoT.

Connectable Tag Manager Kit

Asset Tracking Kit

IoT Starter Kit – MVS
Smart Venue Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MOS
Smart Office Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MHS
Smart Healthcare Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MWS
Smart Warehouse Suite

Minew’s Bluetooth Beacons support multiple application scenarios

Personnel Management

Worn by people, Minew's BLE beacons enable real-time positioning and tracking. "People safety comes first", our beacons with the built-in SOS button allow the wearer to call for help in emergencies, to safeguard the the wearer's safety. The user can secure the lives of their loved ones.

With Geo-fencing, BLE beacons help prevent people from entering dangerous or private spaces. Administrators of office premises can utilize beacons for daily check-in and access control with NFC available, and optimizing the space occupancy via the location data collected.

Bluetooth Beacon Asset Management

Bluetooth Beacon Personnel Management

Asset Management

Installed BLE beacons on assets to locate and track them in real-time. Managers can optimize inventory management while remotely monitoring the tagged assets, which also reducing manual errors. Real-time positioning speeds up the searching time and enables anti-loss to ensure asset security.

Indoor Positioning & Navigation

Leveraging the latest Bluetooth technology, Minew's BLE beacons are capable of emitting real-time signals for various indoor applications. By installing and deploying them in indoor locations with further developed systems, they can be combined with mobile phones or other electronic devices to achieve positioning and navigation, providing the best route for users.

Bluetooth Beacon Optional Sensor

Bluetooth Beacon Waterproof

Data Interaction

In actual cases, Minew's BLE beacons are widely used in various venues for information pushing, such as accurate proximity marketing in the retail. The beacons collect data for database construction and remote monitoring and management. With further development, connectivity between the digital world and real world enables interconnected world.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement

Wireless products and data-based management systems can reduce operating costs. More importantly, Minew's BLE beacons are easy to maintain and use, reducing deploying costs.

Real-time location and movement of the tagged assets and people help improve productivity and optimize workflow, creating more value for a variety of businesses and enterprises. Minew is a reliable partner even you with limited cost, we help you turn your wonderful ideas and insights into reality.

Bluetooth Beacon Battery Replaceable

Use Case

Smart Logistc & Warehouse

Smart Logistc & Warehouse

Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Smart Building

Smart Building

Smart Industry/Factory

Smart Industry/Factory

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