Since the Nordic launched the new Bluetooth 5.1 SoC nRF52833 SoCs, we Minew as a strategic partner of Nordic , are in the first time to launch the E2 Max Beacon which supports the nrf52833 chip.


We choose the Bluetooth 5.1 Beacon based on nrf52833 available on E2 Max Beacon which right now will be the best solution. We believe it will perform better in the applications with bluetooth 5.1 direction finding features AoA/AoD.

See what are the new features the E2 Beacon (nrf52833 version) will be :
– Bluetooth 5.1 hardware supported
– nrf52833 chip
– -40℃to 105℃ operation temperature range
– 512KB (Flash) and RAM(128 KB) large storage
– Bluetooth mesh/Thread/Zigbee functions
– Supports AoA/AoD direction finding functions
– 10years super battery lifetime
– Max. 300m long distance
– IP66 waterproof

To get more info for the Bluetooth 5.1 nrf52833 E2 beacon, please feel free to contact us at , we are happy to discuss and realize more possibilities together.

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