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Automate warehouse management with the starter kit

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Highly recommended for smart warehouse.Minew IoT Starter Kit MWS is aimed at providing you with a cost-effective and reliable solution for warehouses and cold storage, including everything you need for asset management, cargo tracking, warehouse personnel positioning, and environmental sensing and monitoring.

How to build your smart warehouse solutions in 10 minutes? It's as simple as that!

Step 1. One-time installation and activation of your IoT Starter Kit MWS.
Step 2. Minew tags attached to the objects or personnel.
Step 3. Real-time tracking and sensor data monitoring of your targeted objects.
Step 4. Data sent to the cloud for processing and managing.
Best All-in-one IoT Starter Kit - MWS

Best All-in-one IoT Starter Kit - MWS

This starter kit is prepared for quick development of your wireless IoT application specially for warehouse and coldroom. For everyone who has purchased Minew starter kit or beacon products (those with protocol public), TagCloud is free for demonstration and test which is a virtual assistant in asset management, data storage, analysis, etc.

  • Bluetooth® LE and Wi-Fi / PoE Gateway
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Positioning Wearable Card
  • Asset Tag
  • Pallet Beacon
TagCloud 2.0 for Demonstration and Testing.

TagCloud 2.0 for Demonstration and Testing.

The platform integrates the functions of data collection and demonstration, gateway monitoring, Bluetooth devices management and open source, facilitating centralized management of IoT devices.

You can expect more from Minew TagCloud.

  • Free for demonstration and testing. (Non-commercial use)
  • Managing devices in batch.
  • Easy to start up accessibly.
  • Freely available open interface.
  • Stable data monitoring in real-time.
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM IoT Cloud Supported.

Highly Recommended for Smart Warehouse.

Due to increasing demand in logistics and growing concern about costs, productivity, safety, and managing complexity, it is difficult for businesses to operate and scale at a healthy rate without any IoT implementation.

Our ready-to-deploy starter kit can transform your business into a virtually monitored network wirelessly with little effort and limited budgets. It is the ultimate solution that can guarantee superior warehouse management leading to prosperous business growth.

Fully-Featured IoT Starter Kit - MWS delivers value in

Inventory management

Personnel management

Environmental monitoring

Warehouse management

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