Sensor Monitoring

Sensing, monitoring, and transforming insights into action

Real-time Sensor Monitoring

Sensor monitoring has emerged as a pivotal component of IoT solutions in today’s hyper-connected IoT industry, revolutionizing the way we collect and analyze data. At Minew, we offer cutting-edge Sensor monitoring solutions that empower businesses across various industries. Our innovative approach to monitoring and data collection allows for real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Typical Applications

  • Water Leak Detection

    Water Leak Detection

    Protecting properties and assets security from water damage. Guard against water damage with our Water Leak Sensor.

  • Occupancy Management

    Occupancy Management

    Ensuring safety and efficiency in buildings. Monitor occupancy levels with the Passive Infrared Sensor, aiding in space optimization and energy efficiency.

  • Retail Analytics

    Retail Analytics

    Count visitors accurately using the People Counting Sensor, helping businesses understand the flow and improve decision-making.

  • Protection


    Intrusion detection and security. Secure entry points with the Door Sensor, enhancing security.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring

    Sense and monitor temperature and humidity in real-time, offering a comfortable environment for living and working.

  • Smart Agriculture

    Smart Agriculture

    Monitor environmental conditions in agriculture, providing real-time data on temperature and humidity levels in fields and greenhouses.

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