MTC02 FindMy Key Tracker

Make More Things Findable.

MTC02 FindMy Key Tracker MTC02 FindMy Key Tracker

MTC02 FindMy Key Tracker is a creative tool for tracking your personal belongings. This is the latest edition to Minew’s Find My Finder line, powered with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology. It comes with a range of wearing options to meet your needs and is the perfect companion for your wallet, luggage, and more with its slim and portable design. Besides, it gives you the convenience of finding the locations of your belongings at any time and from any location with its easy integration with the Apple Find My Network.

  • Works With Apple Find My
  • Location & Privacy Protection
  • Play Sound
  • Lost Mode & Notify When Left Behind
  • Multiple Wearing Options
  • Unwanted Tracking Detection

How Millions of Apple Devices Help You Find Missing Items

How Millions of Apple Devices Help You Find Missing Items
Location, Play Sound, and Lost Mode

Location, Play Sound, and Lost Mode

Your valuable items are always within reach. The MTC02 makes it simple to find your belongings since you can remotely play a sound on the Apple Find My App. Activate Lost Mode to receive prompt notifications in the rare cases when something is lost. Maintain a secure connection to the outside environment.

Portable on the Go

Portable on the Go

Your must-have travel partner, the MTC02, will improve your time on the road. With a weight of only 12g, this lightweight tool pairs well with your personal items. Whether it’s your wallet, baggage, or digital equipment, have confidence in its durability and travel in outstanding convenience.

 Works with Apple Find My Network

Works with Apple Find My Network

The MTC02 Smart Finder 2 is engineered to harmonize with the Apple Find My Network, elevating your tracking experience to new heights. This device isn’t just compatible; it’s in perfect sync with your Apple ecosystem.

Perfectly in Tune with Apple

Perfectly in Tune with Apple

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your digital life, it’s your perfect companion for a range of Apple devices.

Compatible Devices: MTC02 Smart Finder 2 works with a wide array of Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, and Mac. Rest assured that the MTC02 is engineered to work flawlessly.

Note: The latest version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS is recommended. The “Find My” application on Apple Watch requires the latest version of watchOS.

Sleek Design with Exceptional Performance

Sleek Design with Exceptional Performance

MTC02 Smart Finder 2 is a performance strength that also captures the eye with its captivating appearance. It is a real tribute to contemporary aesthetics with its slick appearance and flowing lines. Compared to the F6 Smart Finder, the MTC02 represents a significant design evolution, delivering both form and function.


Specifications-mtc02 * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Package contents 1 * user manual, 1 * lanyard, and 1 * silicone sleeve
Color White (by default) / Green, Black (optional)
Weight 12 g
Battery 1 CR battery, 220 mAh
Battery life 1 year or above (by default)
Button Yes
LED Blue
Buzzer 90 dB
Chip nRF52 Series
Bluetooth version Bluetooth® LE 5.0
Broadcast distance 120 m (open area)
Connect distance 50 m (open area)
Firmware version Find My Network Firmware
Default app Find My
Working temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃

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