Shenzhen, China – September 13, 2023 – Minew Technologies, an  Innovator and Manufacturer of IoT Devices, proudly announces the launch of its latest product – the MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card. This innovative offering promises to redefine access control, setting a new industry standard for security, convenience, and customization.

MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card

A Thin Gadget: Thinness Meets Versatility

Minew offers an innovative approach to the global marketplace where security and access control are crucial. With its remarkable 1.3mm thickness, the MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card creates a new standard for compact security. It may easily fit into wallets, cardholders, and any situation where portability is important due to its exceptional slimness.

Access Control: Safe and Secure Leveraging NFC Technology

The NFC technology featured in the MWC02 is its brain in action. This feature makes quick, dependable, and secure access control available to users, making it an obvious choice for contemporary business settings. This card is a response to the changing security requirements of our day, whether it be used in business offices, healthcare facilities, museums, or educational institutions.

Logo and Patterns Customization: Your Unique Security

MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card


The MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card combines security with personalization. By selecting from a wide variety of different patterns and including your logo, you can personalize your card to suit your own identity or company. With the help of this tool, you can ensure top-notch security while leaving a memorable impression. With each swipe, you can express your uniqueness and business identity.

Applications Across Industries

Explore the diverse scenarios where the MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card shines. From healthcare settings ensuring patient confidentiality to museums guarding precious artifacts, this card seamlessly adapts to a wide range of professional environments.

Applications Across Industries

● Corporate Offices

In today’s work environment, it’s essential to make sure that only authorized workers have access to important information. Access control is streamlined with the MWC02 Card, giving businesses a simple and secure option.

● Healthcare Environments

Privacy for patients is crucial in healthcare settings. The MWC02 Card guarantees secure access to restricted locations, protecting private medical data and boosting overall patient and employee safety.

● Educational Institutions

Educational facilities and organizations need regulated access to certain locations for organizational and security reasons. The MWC02 streamlines campus security by allowing authorized individuals to enter quickly while upholding a secure learning environment.

In conclusion

The MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card raises expectations for security, ease, and adaptability with its extraordinary thinness, modern NFC technology, and customization choices. It serves purposes in a variety of professional contexts and satisfies the requirements of contemporary workplaces, all the while highlighting Minew’s dedication to innovation in the Internet of Things market. The MWC02 Ultra-Thin Location Card, which promises to improve security in a stylish and compact form, is positioned as access control technology of tomorrow.

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