On July 17th, the mid-year strategy conference of MINEW TECHNOLOGY was successfully held in Shenzhen Hilton hotel. During the conference, we focused on How To Make The Changes. The work we did in the first half of 2020 was comprehensively summarized, and our key plans were communicated for a further step.

With other leaders and all employees together, Mr. Zhuang Yan, the company’s general manager; Mr. Long Zhaoxi and Mr. Zhang Min, both vice managers attended the conference, making encouraging presentations about changes and reforms for our company .

Mr. Zhang, also called Johnson, the vice manager,  summarized the achievements of the International Marketing Center in the first half of 2020 from five perspectives of Team Building, Marketing Mechanism, Management System, Products Planning, Customer Service. Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson emphasized the crisis from international business.

“Only by reforms can we make it through. Try our best to get works done.” proposed by Mr. Johnson. He called on each one to stick to the principle of Result Oriented and Customer First, which should not only be a slogan, but a real action to take. 


Team Members From International Marketing Center 

In Mr. Zhuang Yan (CEO)‘s presentation, we specifically reviewed our donations for those who suffered during the corona-virus pandemic and relocation of our factories in past 6 months, approving the company’s sustainable development and expansion of its overall scale during the first half of the year. A strategic plan of the partnership system was published again by CEO. As is known to all, this would not only motivate our employees tremendously, but is also more beneficial and necessary to the company’s long-run.


An Inspiring Speech Given By CEO, Zhuang Yan

After the conference, all participants were arranged as usual to enjoy the dinner party at the seafood buffet restaurant on the 2nd floor of the hotel to celebrate the perfect ending of the conference.

To make great progress, we must change;
To break through ourselves, we must change;
To have a more bright future, we must change.

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