How to Revitalize Marketing Strategies with Eddystone Beacon?

Minew Aug 31, 2021
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The application of the Eddystone beacon strategy guarantees several advantages for companies. It requires less effort to bring the customer closer and greater attention to technologies.

Proximity marketing strategies aim to impact the customer. It is for those who are already in the company’s physical environment, their application requires less effort to approach. And it attracts the customer, allowing efforts to be focused on converting into sales.

Why do we use the Eddystone beacon?

The use of  the Eddystone beacon, and the application of proximity marketing ideas and strategies in the company’s strategic planning, allows for a more attractive and personalized experience. It is for the customer, which tends to develop stronger bonds of loyalty with the store. Similarly, this strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer.

How to use Eddystone beacon marketing strategy?

The strategy of using beacons to promote proximity marketing is very simple. But it is extremely effective when it comes to improving the user experience. If properly used, this technology is capable of increasing the number of sales. Moreover, it strengthens the brand and even retaining customers, since there is a personalized and solicitous treatment.

A company, regardless of its business, uses beacon technology having advantages over its competitors.

Businesses that use new technologies such as beacons to improve the shopping and interaction experience are highly valued by customers.

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Eddystone beacon as a resource

Therefore, between choosing an establishment that offers a normal shopping journey, to another that offers something different, there is no doubt that the customer will choose the second option.

It is obvious that the customer who enters a store that uses the Eddystone beacon as a resource will possibly feel special right away. The establishment retrieves its history of relationship with that company.

It is possible to customize the service, offer special conditions, as well as exclusive offers for this customer. Naturally, the chances of sales are much greater.

What are Beacons and how will they change your routine?

Beacons are proximity devices that emit information via Bluetooth, directly to smartphones. It allows communication between the customer and the company.

The Beacons are close to devices that emit information through Bluetooth technology. It comes directly to registered smartphones. The idea, promises to revolutionize the market and strengthen the so-called Internet of Things. It allows for faster interaction of potential customers with their interests.

An example is in a clothing store, where when approaching the window, the person receives details of an item such as:

  • type of fabric
  • price
  • color options
  • among others.

The big news of Eddystone beacon, in addition to the affordable cost, is that they are easy to install on walls, products, or shop windows. It allows communication between the company and the public through the location. And without the need for internet access, as it uses Bluetooth smartphone to send the messages.

We can use the beacon in various areas such as restaurants.

Beacons for various services and areas

In addition to stores, this technology allows for numerous possibilities to transmit relevant information in real-time. An example is when shopping at the supermarket, receiving product data such as:

  • promotions
  • nutritional information and
  • even recipes. Other apps can create shopping lists and map the location with an indication of where the goods you are looking for are.

Restaurants and snack bars can use Eddystone beacon technology to display their menus by cell phone. Moreover, it allows ordering and payment via smartphone.

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Another way to use the beacon would be in marketing actions, especially in places with large public circulation. The novelty is able to identify a customer, recording his actions at the establishment, storing data such as time spent in a certain section.

And what he bought in recent visits. With that, the sensor would send offers according to the profile of that customer. Moreover, it generates a more assertive and segmented action.

Novelty is already used in Brazil.

In the USA, the Eddystone beacon has already started and has been used since the end of 2014. One of the pioneers was two famous personalities. With a project, the beacons were spread throughout the mall, taking advantage of the date of Black Friday. Customers were able to receive information about store promotions, in addition to data such as:

  • cultural agenda
  • cinema
  • restrooms and also to exchange notes for the Christmas promotion.

Success depends on planning and organizing

The beacons have the advantage of being affordable and easy to use. Moreover, it generates great interest in companies and businesses, but some precautions also need to be taken. So as not to generate irritation in customers and frustrate expectations with the novelty. When implementing the technology, the entrepreneur must take into account points such as:

Consider who the customer is and not just focus on the location:

If the Eddystone beacon sends information just by location, they can create distortions, such as for a man who walks into a women’s section but isn’t really looking for a product.

Establish frequency limits for messages:

Getting multiple shots as promotions every time you pass a location can be very annoying. It causes the customer to block the app. One solution is to limit sending or only triggering after a certain time of a customer stopped in the section or window, for example.

Do not restrict beacons in offers:

The technology does not need to be limited to low prices and discounts, it can use the production of content, information, and engagement campaigns.


As we’ve shown you, proximity marketing via beacons is a powerful tool for companies. With these devices, it is possible to implement strategies aimed at potential consumers and also automate everything through sensors and integration between channels.

Beacon Brings Proximity

Beacons make it possible to create proximity marketing strategies, increasing the number of visitors. Providing an interactive and relevant experience with the brand and products, in addition to opening up personalization opportunities and allowing highly personalized immediate actions.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the main objective of the Eddystone beacon is to improve the customer experience at the establishment. It can be through geolocation technology and proximity marketing, making it unforgettable.

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