Welcome to Minew Partner Program!

Thoughout years of deeply involved in IoT industry, Minew learned firsthand how powerful partnerships can be. Minew partner program is a strategy to provide more value and create significant growth to you and your end users.

Become a partner

The Minew partner program is a junction of resources, people, and ideas aggregated together to bring you everything in need and deliver successful services for your end customers. Our program is built on a simple belief: together, we can do so much.


" Our Commitment to Partnership: We focus on having a well-defined mission,
continuous innovation, supporting partners to emerge in this internet of things digital world.
If the customer wins, then Minew wins, and we get to live that value every day. How cool is that! "

— Johnson

GM, Co-founder

5 Reasons for You to Partner with Minew

The fundamental value Minew partnership brings is growth, with delivering seamless integration, accelerated go-to-market and joint innovation for the industry.

  • Enhance mutual influence of brands

  • Associated marketing activities

  • Extend sales footprint & Broaden your reach

  • Rapidly grow your customer base

  • Resources for go-to-market success

How to become a partner?

Let's talk about a partnership that gets you on a profitable and high-growth path to unlock possibilities.

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