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We’re changing the face of IoT. To set a new standard. To skip the bullshit. To get infinitely scalable connectivity. Gentle on your wallet and way better than cellular 5G. In a network that never fails. Without middlemen or infrastructure. Totally self-managing. Tailored for commercial and industrial applications. Just more than you need. For less. We give you very very good IoT.


Wirepas Massive Tracking

Wirepas Massive Tracking system consists of the following elements


The Gateway(s) collect(s) the data coming from the Asset Tags through the Wirepas Massive network and send it to a server (On-Cloud or On-Premise). Gateways can also receive commands and/or software update messages (OTAP) from the server to be sent to individual Asset Tags or to the whole network.


These are Wirepas Massive routers which serve as a location reference for the Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE) and are also used to route data from the Asset Tags to the Gateways and from the Gateways to the Asset Tags.

Anchors can be battery-operated with a battery lifetime of 5+ years (depending on battery capacity).

Asset Tags

The Asset Tags are Wirepas nodes running the Wirepas positioning application. At a regular interval or on specific events (movement, button press…) the Asset Tags wake-up, collect signal strength information (RSSI) from the Anchors in their neighbourhood and send the information to the Gateway(s) through the Wirepas Massive network. The Gateways then forward the measurement data to the server where the Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE) runs and computes a position based on known position of Anchors and measured RSSI.

products intro

Wirepas on Minew devices: Powered by Symples

Symples is Symbiotech’s platform to enable effortless onboarding, configuration and diagnostics of your devices.

Set Up

Symples is the easiest way to add devices to your network, without compromising security

Following Wirepas’s best practices for Open Join

Plug and play - as easy to add a few devices as it is to add thousands

Get started with a USB dongle locally or connect to an MQTT broker if you want devices to join through a gateway

Configure devices to suit your application


Get insights into network topology and the performance of the devices in your environment

Track the battery usage and expected battery life of your devices

As new software versions become available, effortlessly update devices over the air


Work with us to build your solution

Contact us to

White label the Symples application and ship to your customers

Integrate Symples network management features into your system


Collaborative Products

Tags & Anchors embedded with the Wirepas Mesh technology


Integration and Customisation

Once you have seen the performance of Wirepas running on Minew devices, you may have questions on how to integrate the devices into your system or may have some ideas on the exact behaviour you’d like from the devices.

Reach out to the experts at Symbiotech for a free consultation to learn more about our integration and customisation services.

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