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Today many people get troubled in such situations. When go out on the morning,you suddenly realize you misplace your keys or cellphone and can not find it, but hurry to the company. Even rack your brain, but still to no avail, then you will be very vexatious. Also when leave the coffee shop, you forget your wallet or cellphone there, and realize it until you go far or long time later. But there is low chance to retrieve them. So you wonder if there is one device can help you to find the keys easily or remind you have left your belongs behind. Just based in this background, smart tracker comes into existence and springs up.

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One of most companies entering smart tracker field is Minew, the global biggest beacon manufacturer. It is one professional IoT solution provider and dedicated to Bluetooth-based device for years, thus accumulating deep technology advantage. After probing into the customer needs and the market situation, Minew launches its own smart tracker in 2016 and plans to develop it into another flagship product beside beacon. Its smart tracker is one small item based on BLE 4.0 technology, which can connect with mobile app to achieve multi-functions, such as smart anti-lost, two-way alarm, one-key to find, location record network, wechat search and remote shutter all in one. Adopting the 3rd generation chipset, it can endure as long as one year due to Ultra-low power consumption, but deliver stable and excellent performance. With getting more and more popular, Minew is building up one new brand for it as Yunli-Wuli. In the future, much more will be put to bring better experience and amazes to customers.

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