i9 Coin Tag

i9 Coin Bluetooth Tag i9 Coin Tag
i9 Coin Tag is suitable for indoor location

The i9 Coin Tag, developed by Minew, is a cost-effective and low-power Bluetooth beacon. Compact and thin, it is nearly coin-sized, making it easy to slip into your pocket or attach to assets. With smooth surfaces on both sides, it ensures convenience and ease of use. The i9 features a replaceable button battery, allowing for multiple uses. Ideal for exhibitions, concerts, warehouses, and other settings, the i9 is perfect for efficiently locating and managing large numbers of people or assets.

  • Cost-effective
  • 80 meters broadcasting distance
  • Replaceable battery
  • Slim design
Personnel management

Personnel management

The i9 is cost-effective, thin, and compact, making it perfect for attachment to exhibition signs and distribution to visitors along with exhibition materials. When paired with a Bluetooth gateway, the i9 can monitor the flow of people in these settings. This combination of the i9 and relevant technology enables efficient flow monitoring and precise location tracking, improving overall efficiency and facilitating intelligent data collection and statistics.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking

Use double-sided adhesive to stick i9 on the assets for tracking. It can be widely utilized in different industries, preventing assets loss, getting a real-time location for more efficient management.

Events promotion

Events promotion

Another typical highlight of i9 is for assisting events promotion, especially in the retail and exhibition. Specific information can be pushed to the visitors' and customers' mobile phones with software development and user permission, offering an effective way to events promotion.


i9 Coin Tag Specifications * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Specification Details
Color White (default) / Black
Weight 3.9 g
Battery CR series battery, 85 mAh
Battery life 4 months (Default configuration)
OTA Not supported
App BeaconSET & BeaconSET+
Bluetooth version Bluetooth® LE 4.2
Broadcast range Up to 80 m (open area)
Working temperature -20℃~60℃

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