The debut of the temperature and humidity sensor

As international top electronics show, “Global Source Electronics”is held twice in HK each year. Each time gather thousands of brands to present the feast of High-Tech products. From Nov 8th, 2016 to Nov 11th, 2016, as attendee, Minew witnessed and contributed a little to its technology magic with over 4000 other companies.


We gave it the first debut of our “temperature and humidity sensor S1” at this show. The moment it appears, much attention has been gained from visitors and parallels. What is attractive is not only the exquisite surface design, but also the superior performance to traditional ones. It can achieve multi-nodes monitoring and management with support of the gateway developed by our team. Moreover it possess all the functions that temperature&humidity sensors have, and can conduct real-time upload of temperature and humidity data to cloud end, by converting into digital information. It is suitable for harsh environment with wind-and-water resistant feature, and can even works in temperature between -40℃ and 70℃. However, it can reach stable performance with high measuring accuracy. Hence it can be extensively applied in laboratories, warehouses, factories, art museums, cold stores etc. In the future, more sensors can be integrated onto S1 , so it will have more powerful functions. And be one key step to make true Minew’s vision “lead the world to IoT times”.

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