June 14, 2024, Shenzhen, China – Minew, an industry-leading provider of innovative IoT devices and manufacturing services, is proud to announce its successful participation in the North America IoT Tech EXPO held on June 5-6, 2024. This event is one of the premier gatherings and hubs of innovation for IoT professionals and enthusiasts. It provides excellent opportunities and platforms for Minew to display its latest product advancements and share its technological progress with many other leading industry players and IoT practitioners around the globe.

Engaging with Innovators and Industry Leaders

“The North America IoT Tech Expo was a condensed but exhilarating whirlwind of innovation and collaboration. And we are thrilled to share such enjoyment by becoming a part of it, ” said Johnson ZHANG, General Manager of Minew. “For a man who doesn’t know which way to steer, there is no wind in his favor. Operating a business is the same thing. This event not only expanded our network with existing partners and prospective clients, but also enabled us to share and rebuild our vision with more diverse mindsets. And we are thrilled to announce that you will be seeing Minew again next year in Santa Clara.”


Even though the exhibition this year only continued for two days, over 90 attendees were attracted to Minew’s booth for complete IoT starter kit solutions and innovative IoT hardware, equipped with the latest Bluetooth & LoRaWAN technologies. Minew’s representative team is made up of 3 industry experts and they are thrilled to see many familiar faces, old friends, and exciting new clients. Throughout keen discussions and in-depth but dialogue-like conversations, Minew’s representation bonds with a diverse array of attendees, such as business leaders, industry experts, and tech-savvy followers. By expanding the network and actively listening to their feedback, Minew gets closer to the clients’ needs and wants, as the ultimate guide and key decision criteria for R&D and business operations.

Product Highlights

All roads lead to Rome. In the IoT context, to solve the problem, there is more than one solution. Such a notion is widely shared within Minew’s management team and becomes part of the company’s operating strategy and business philosophy. This year at North America IoT Tech EXPO, Minew’s team empowered clients with more choices and rights to select their most suitable personal tags from a whole selection, such as B10 Smart Emergency Button and C10 Card Beacon. Each device replaced the previous standardized solution and is now equipped with more diverse functions tailor-made to unique settings.

Minew's Bluetooth IoT products at the exhibition

Minew’s solution package doesn’t stop at customized hardware. Each device is now placed in the actual industry scenario to solve particular industry challenges. For example, MST03 Asset Temperature Logger can seamlessly work with MG5 outdoor gateway for real-time temperature monitoring during long-dual cold chain logistics.

Looking Ahead

Minew is committed to driving innovation in the IoT industry and Minew has such flexible manufacturing capacity to convert such prototypes into real-life solutions. However, creativity and innovation do not come from nowhere. It requires timely feedback and insights. The North America IoT Tech EXPO informs the company of the latest IoT development and drives the company to continuously deliver high-quality IoT devices.

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