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Embark on a journey with new products

On recent International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) hold in Las Vegas, Minew team appearanced with their new big move at beginning of this new year, and undoubtedly, it did not disappoint its expectants. Based on years of experience in doing Beacons and IoT products, they mainly catched attentions by their iBeacon/Eddystone seriesm Bluetooth tracker series, IoT Solution products, especially the products of IoT gateway and temperature and humidity sensor Beacon S1 which are key shots in their IoT solution depolyment.

Minew bluetooth IOT Gateway: break out of manual data collecting

Minew strongly recommended its breakthrough of bluetooth IoT gateway this time cause this product contributes a subversive way for data collection, compared with APP data collection method which demand a gread deal of labor and repeated work. Minew bluetooth IoT gateway picks data via bluetooth sensors(iBeacon&Eddystone), while monitors them under 300-meter deployment of their bluetooth shooting in a speed of scanning data of 200 sensors each second. This product provide a super way for orgnizations to gather their expecting data which is
crucial to almost all subjects in current big data period and even the coming A. l. era.


Temperature and Humidity Sensor Sl :smart thermogragh & hygromete

This smart temperature and humidity sensor could be widely utilized in industrial and civil monitoring which require temperature and humidity data in real-time or data analysis related. Compared with traditional thermogragh or hygrometer, S1 is advantagous at 24hrs in real-time data monitoring, reaching by multi-nodes monitoring function of Minew bluetooth IoT gateway. It is waterproof, portable and power saving, enabling users to apply it conveniently and unnecessary to replace battery for three to five years.

minew sesor beacon 1

Bluetooth Tracker F4: never lost personal articles

Bluetooth Tracker F4 is developed to help people find their personal carryings anytime or protect users from losing their articles. The principle is that phones could be connected with bluetooth trackers, receiving signals from them. Once users leave beyond thirty meters away, trackers loud to remind, and one also could find articles with pressing buttons on the phone while attaching bluetooth trackers on their keys, purses, bags, toys or even pets. Another handy function of F4 is that it is also a reomote-shutter controller, which means when users want to take phones but no one helps them, they are easy to make it by fixing phones on a table and pressing the button on bluetooth trackers!
Other ranges of products contributed by Minew this time also include accelerometer sensor 17, kid tracker B4, asset tracking beacon E6.
Being a superb feast of new growing technology and techniques, CES 2017 dispalyed various IoT applications, like smart furnitures, smart medical treatments, smart traveling and smart environmental monitoring. It is obvious that IoT time is coming, and it is forecasted by industrial data that in 2015 the global IoT hardware installation number is 15.4 billion, and will rise to 30.7 billion in year 2020 , then 75.4 billion in year 2025. Minew, an IoT hardware supplier and IoT solution developer, in this surgent wave,will keep going along with all clients, “internet every objects” and add their business.

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