MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor

Detect. Alert. Protect.

MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor
real-time water leak detection

MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor is ideal for proactive real-time water leak detection. Engineered with an IP67 waterproof probe and a 150 m (492 ft) broadcast range, it delivers reliable and cost-effective monitoring in critical environments. Detect and mitigate water-related risks promptly, safeguarding your assets and maintaining operational continuity.

  • Supports Bluetooth® LE 5.0
  • Sound alarm
  • App notification
  • IP67 waterproof probe
  • 5-year battery life
  • 150 m (492 ft) broadcast range

How it works

Water Leak Detection Process
Wireless water leak monitoring

Wireless water leak monitoring

The MSL01 offers seamless wireless water leak detection in industrial environments. With its advanced technology, durable build, and long-range coverage, protect your assets with confidence.

Water leak alarm

Water leak alarm

The MSL01 features the water-leak alarm designed for diverse application use. Its robust construction and instant buzzer notifications ensure proactive measures against water damage and operational disruptions.

Uninterrupted sensing

Uninterrupted sensing

Experience uninterrupted sensing with the sensor's long-lasting battery life. With up to 5 years of power, it ensures continuous operation without frequent battery replacements.

Effortless installation and deployment

Effortless installation and deployment

Making installation and deployment easier is crucial to streamlining operational processes. The MSL01 offers easy setup, quick implementation, and hassle-free integration into your existing infrastructure.

 Logo It!

Logo It!

Customizable logo for brand identity. Showcase your brand identity with the sensor’s customizable logo feature. Personalize the device with your logo, reinforcing your brand presence.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios



MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Weight 17 g
Body material ABS
Color White (customizable)
Chip nRF52 series
Battery 2pcs AAA alkaline batteries, 1,300 mAh
Sensor Accelerometer
OTA Supported
Demonstration platform Minew Control Platform
Application nRF Connect
Broadcast range Up to 150 m / 492 ft (open area)
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃

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