Shenzhen, China – July 11th, 2024 – At Minew, a leading innovator and manufacturer of IoT hardware solutions, we are excited to announce the launch of an upgraded and newly designed online shopping store with upgraded functions and user-friendly navigation. “If the customer wins, then Minew wins, and we get to live that value every day. How cool is that?” Said Johnson Zhang, General Manager and Co-founder of Minew. With such operating philosophies and business strategies commonly recognized, widely shared, and deeply rooted within the company’s management team, Minew’s upgraded online store aims to delight customers with an integrated, seamless, and effortless online shopping experience to maximize and leverage customer satisfaction for prolonged business competitiveness.

MINEW new store

New Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Search Functionality

In the digital era, information is relatively more available, accessible, and even overloading sometimes. By engaging with the Internet and online information search, customers now know better what and where to buy. With a better understanding of the e-commerce nature, Minew’s upgraded online store features a larger and more functional search box, allowing existing users and prospective customers to quickly and accurately retrieve and locate their target products without spending too much time searching & browsing. This more straightforward search-box function not only reduces the potential time wasted on searching but also installs more sense of control during the user’s entire shopping process because users can now directly give instructions and the search engine will do the rest of the work for them.

Visually-appealing New Product Introductions

Buying IoT devices may require clients to have a certain amount of product knowledge and professional background information. Customers may not be able to make immediate and quick decisions about which product comes with the most advanced features and stands for the most cutting-edge technologies. The “New Products” recommendation section will timely inform our potential clients of our most recent market offering, which will erase their worries and add more confidence to their buying decision-making process.

Transparent Product Purchase Page

How much time do you want to spend clicking hyperlinks and how many steps do you want to go through before finalizing and placing your order? For most e-commerce users who prioritize convenience and transparency, this number should be as small as possible. With this in mind, Minew’s upgraded online store innovated on the “everything you need for IoT in one place” design. Without being directed and redirected, customers now can view product information and place orders simultaneously.

Beginner-friendly Tutorials

We don’t expect everyone to be an expert when selecting their most suitable IoT devices and integrating them with existing or new IoT ecosystems. That’s the reason why we have prepared and incorporated our new online store with user-friendly tutorials for both beginners and professional developers. The goal is to better fill the information and knowledge gap by disseminating product knowledge. A wide range of topics and themes, such as product unboxing and practical guides to IoT device configuration are introduced in those videos. Customers can have a better and more crystal-clear understanding of how the product can be configured to maximize its usefulness in real cases and application scenarios. Such tutorials reduce uncertainties during the purchase and empower beginners with extra product knowledge to increase engagement and foster satisfaction. Tutorial videos cover a wide range of topics, ranging from basic setup to advanced features, ensuring that customers of all skill levels can maximize the potential of their IoT devices. By building the community and expanding the network, everyone interested now can participate in harnessing the transformative power of IoT seamlessly.

Affiliate Program

Believe it or not, you can buy cutting-edge IoT devices from Minew’s upgraded online store while earning commissions. That’s Minew’s affiliate program, “Earn While You Share”. As the program’s name suggests, you can earn a rewarding 5% commission every time after a successful sale you refer to the Minew store. Besides monetary incentives, interested parties now can actually participate in expanding networks, building IoT communities, and harnessing the transformative power of IoT. Just like getting grading points and membership points in a game, shopping for IoT devices was never thought to be this easy, fun, and rewarding.


While announcing the exciting launch of the upgraded and redesigned official online store, Minew focuses on how this digital marketplace and platform will add more ease and pleasure to the online shopping of IoT devices. The Minew upgraded online store should make its high-precision IoT hardware solutions more accessible to global clients, partners, developers, and tech-savvy fans. The goal is to delight customers with not only superior IoT devices but also comprehensive support services, all in one place. Improvements include enhanced search functionality, visually appealing new product recommendations, user-friendly tutorials, and a rewarding affiliate program. Minew wins only when customers win. To express our gratitude to every fellow member who has been with us, we have also prepared new membership benefits, including both new registration coupons and many other early bird privileges. Come and explore at Minewstore | Bluetooth BeaconBringsPhysical&DigitalWorldTogether and My account – MinewStore.  

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