Shenzhen, China – June 26, 2024 – Minew, a leading innovator and manufacturer in the IoT industry, captivated the audience at the recent LoRaWAN® Live Munich with a compelling display of cutting-edge IoT devices. Demonstrating a resolute dedication and commitment to advancing IoT hardware, connectivity, and technologies, Minew showcased its latest marketing offering: Sensor Tags, Personal Badges, Asset Trackers, IoT Gateways, and various types of hardware solutions based on LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth® technologies.

Exhibiting Next-generation IoT Products

This year at LoRaWAN® Live Munich, Minew unveiled a range of game-changing new products, underscoring its consistent commitment to IoT innovation and innovative IoT hardware solutions. The upcoming next-generation IoT gateway supports more than one connectivity protocol and provides extra flexibility by taking advantage of LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth® communication, for example, for data transmission. This year, people are thrilled to find out that Minew’s product family includes more IoT devices based on LoRaWAN® technologies. Other than LoRaWAN® gateways, a wide range of peripheral but critical IoT devices, such as asset trackers, personnel badges, door sensors, and PIR sensors, are now equipped with the latest LoRaWAN® technology and long-range communication capabilities.

While actively exploring new technologies and uncovering new applications, Minew’s robust Bluetooth® IoT product kits (e.g., smart emergency button, waterproof beacon, and USB Mini Gateway) also meet new improvements. With the support and incorporation of the Wirepas MESH network and technology, Minew continually leads industry trends in Bluetooth® enabled IoT hardware development.

“Later, Minew will launch more LoRaWAN® based IoT hardware solutions ranging from LoRaWAN® gateways to LoRaWAN® everything. The reason for diversifying our marketing offering and product portfolio is that we realize and want to bring IoT devices customized to more and more segmented application scenarios. As we noticed clients’ demand and requirements becoming more and more diverse with increasingly complex settings, we firmly believe LoRaWAN® technology will enable our devices to be more compatible, useful and applicable for long-range outdoor communication at a lower cost,” Said Andy WANG, Product Manager at Minew.

Minew's innovative IoT devices at LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024 include Sensor Tags, Personal Badges, Asset Trackers, and IoT Gateways for cutting-edge solutions.

Engaging with Clients and Partners

LoRaWAN® Live is a great platform organized by LoRa Alliance. It offers Minew great opportunities to meet and connect with so many prospective clients and industry-leading partners around the globe. This year, in Munich city, Germany, Minew harvested rewarding industry expertise and gained insights through productive discussions with clients from numerous industry sectors. Such meaningful discussion and exchange of information not only opened new opportunities for partnership, but also empowered Minew to actively listen to their needs and wants regarding IoT hardware and solutions. “One size cannot fit all. There is no such thing as perfect technology that meets every application scenario. We understand how to leverage multiple connectivity technologies and embed them with our well-crafted and tested IoT hardware to realize the best outcome: operational efficiency,” Said Glen YANG, Sales Department Leader at Minew.

Minew employees and customers

Highlighting Awesome Team: Behind the Scenes Heroes

At the event of LoRaWAN® Live Munich, Germany, our offline team comprises three very experienced IoT hardware consultants and project leaders who have assisted many companies and businesses in numerous industries in terms of their IoT blueprinting and digital transformation. “Seeing our clients initializing and upgrading their IoT ecosystems at an affordable price and one-stop service,” I realize how meaningful and rewarding my job is, said Emma HE, Business Manager at Minew.

Minew Team

To Be Concluded

Minew’s impressive presence and participation during LoRaWAN® Live Munich highlighted the company’s unwavering dedication to advancing IoT hardware and technologies. With a focus on product quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Minew and Minew’s team continue to lead the way in connecting with worldwide clients and partners.

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