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Original Equipment Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Providing a wholly custom new product or a product from our portfolio range that is customized. Essentially, Minew can offer guidance on product design to ensure the result.

Contract Manufacturing 1

Contract Manufacturing

Creating a product to your precise requirements and specifications. Minew helps produce the smart products and get them to market without needing to build, staff, and run a factory.

Original Design Manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturing

New product development. You do not need to invest millions of dollars, or time, into research and development. By reducing the expense of product development, the customer can focus more time and money on marketing strategies.

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IoT Smart Device Designer and Manufacturer

Our professional team creates top-of-the-line designing and manufacturing solutions for your projects.

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Customer Success story

Success Story

Project Overview:

Customer is a well-known local brand in Amercia and expertise in IoT solutions. The company wanted to develope a Bluetooth tag to track and manage assets in a sophisticated supply chain ecosystem, bringing greater real-time knowledge and coherency of the assets in warehouse.

Our Solution:

We conducted a depth industry profiling for client to provide them with actionable insights. Also, we carried customized hardware design and firmware design services for the project.


The company was successful in significantly simplifying the stocktaking process, saving time and cost, which enabled staff to identify and track the real-time status of items.

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