Minew Store today launched a user-friendly function for obtaining tracking information on orders from Minew Store, to streamline the cumbersome inquiry process previously, just for your convenience!

Minew has been moving towards the process of logistics informatization. Now, an email with a shipping notification will be sent to customers who place an order through the Minew Store after the order has been shipped.

Order Tracking Goes Live on the Minew Store One Click Access Track Your Parcel1501

In this email, by clicking the “Track Your Order” button, customers will be automatically redirected to the Minew Store’s tracking query page, where they can find detailed tracking information.


Furthermore, if you want to check any tracking updates on your order, navigate to the Tracking Page on the Minew Store and enter the tracking number, and all you need will be offered.

We provide our customers with practical convenience while raising the caliber of our service. In future, customers do not need to ask the sales representative for the tracking number, as Minew will handle all this for you.

Everything has become simplified. With one-click access to the tracking information you need, everything is under control.

If you have questions about it, feel free to contact us.

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