Minew today announced the availability of his first USB-powered gateway, the MG3 USB Mini Gateway, which is compact and small in size like a flash drive, portable and easy to set up.

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As this Bluetooth® gateway is plug-and-play, ideal for data transmission and collection of Bluetooth® devices, it is an exceptionally reliable option for your positioning tags. As its performance indicates, a system with MG3 can lower the cost and improve efficiency while maintaining precision, making it suitable for being deployed in logistics, healthcare, office, and other scenarios.

The launch of the MG3 USB Mini Gateway has captured the attention of the IoT industry. Johnson, Minew’s co-founder, stated, “You may find it a bit tricky to get a well-performing gateway as portable as the MG3 gateway before. Besides, with its high throughput, secure data transmission, and wide compatibility, the performance of the MG3 gateway is no less impressive than any other Bluetooth gateway.”

Why should we recommend the MG3 gateway in our product portfolio?

  • Plug and Play:The MG3 USB Mini Gateway can be set up by the Gateway Configurer App. Your Bluetooth® devices are managed well, and can even be remotely monitored to meet your requirements.
  • Quick, compact, and flexible installation: It is the size of a flash drive, making it portable and tiny. It can be powered by PCs, power banks, and mobile phone chargers and is compatible with numerous USB power sources, making installation simple.
  • Filterable data and high throughput:The MG3 USB Mini Gateway can gather and upload data in real time thanks to its average data collection rate of 70 packets per second. It is possible to specify scan and upload intervals to react flexibly to various conditions.
  • Wide compatibility and easy integration: It is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth devices. Users can connect to cloud or private cloud servers through the MQTT/HTTP protocol to achieve independent control of data flow, thereby ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Extremely secure: MQTT with SSL/TLS security protocol is an option for users who want to assure safe data delivery.

Where does the MG3 gateway take the spotlight?

In smart healthcare

MG3 USB Mini Gateway with outstanding performance is also bundled in Minew’s healthcare kit, IoT Starter Kit MHS. It works as a messenger agent in smart healthcare that collects data and information from beacons or sensors about patients and the environment, which are interpreted and transferred to servers, allowing nursing staff to keep track of any changes in the environment.


In smart building

The smart building concept can be made a reality by deploying Bluetooth gateways at predetermined intervals throughout a building to collect signals broadcast by Bluetooth devices within communication range. To achieve more effective and environmentally friendly operation, as well as a safe environment for information and physical security, a building’s ecosystem can be built.

More application scenarios are waiting for your exploration. MG3 USB Mini Gateway is now available in the Minew Store. Please feel free to email us at info@minew.com for further details.

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