Shenzhen, China. Jun 30, 2023 – Minew Technologies, a professional IoT smart device designer and manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the latest smart sensor, the MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor. It’s an ideal choice for users to detect and mitigate water-related risks promptly, safeguarding your assets and maintaining operational continuity. The water-leak sensor is popular not only in industrial applications but also in residences and people’s lives.

MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor

Water leaks can lead to significant damage, property loss, and costly repairs for businesses. The MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor is designed to address this challenge head-on. Leveraging Bluetooth LE 5.0 technology and an IP67 waterproof probe, the sensor delivers real-time monitoring and wireless alarm transmission, ensuring prompt notifications and swift action to mitigate risks.

“Our team at Minew Technologies is dedicated to developing practical and cost-effective devices that help businesses overcome operational challenges. The MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor is a prime choice for industries to detect and prevent water leaks efficiently. With its advanced features and compact design, we are confident that this product will provide our customers with valuable asset protection.” said EasonProduct Manager at Minew.

Why Do We Recommend the MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor for Your Business?

The MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor offers numerous features that make it an indispensable tool for businesses:

Reliable and Accurate Detection: Equipped with a high-quality IP67 waterproof probe, the sensor ensures precise and reliable water leak detection, minimizing false alarms and providing accurate alerts.

Seamless Wireless Alarm Transmission: With a broadcast range of up to 150 meters (492 feet), the sensor wirelessly transmits alarm signals to a designated gateway, enabling real-time notifications and immediate action to mitigate potential damages.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: The user-friendly design of the sensor allows for effortless installation and deployment. Its low power consumption and long battery life ensure continuous operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Customizable and Compact Design: The sensor’s compact and lightweight design enables versatile and discreet placement in various settings. The customizable logo feature allows businesses to showcase their brand identity while benefiting from advanced leak detection capabilities.

MSL01 Catering to a wide range of application scenarios

Industrial Facilities: Protect critical equipment, machinery, and infrastructure from water damage in manufacturing plants, production lines, and industrial facilities.

Data Centers: Ensure the integrity of sensitive equipment and prevent costly downtime by detecting water leaks in server rooms and cooling systems.

Commercial Buildings: Safeguard offices, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments by proactively detecting and addressing water leaks in bathrooms, kitchens, and utility areas.

Warehouses: Minimize the risk of damage to stored goods and inventory by monitoring water leaks in warehouses and storage facilities.

Ideal for Diverse Scenarios

MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor offers businesses an advanced and reliable way for water leak detection. With its cutting-edge technology, seamless wireless alarm transmission, and versatile applications, this sensor empowers businesses to protect their assets, minimize risks, and optimize operational efficiency.

For more information about the MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor and Minew Technologies’ range of IoT smart hardware, please visit the MSL01’s page and the MinewStore.

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