Shenzhen, China. Jun 15, 2023 – Minew Technologies, a professional IoT smart device designer and manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the latest IoT kit product, the Connectable Tag Manager Kit. This comprehensive asset management kit combines bidirectional communication and remote control capabilities to revolutionize asset tracking and streamline operations for businesses across industries.

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This all-inclusive kit includes MBT02 Connectable Asset Tags, G1 IoT Gateway (Connection Ver.), which seamlessly works with the Minew Control Platform. With these components, businesses can achieve real-time asset visibility, streamline operations through batch management, ensure data security with enterprise-level encryption, and remotely configure and control assets.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Connectable Tag Manager Kit to the market,” said Johnson, co-founder at Minew Technologies. “The unparalleled features of Bidirectional communication and 500 or above tags in batch operation empower businesses with seamless asset tracking and centralized management!

More You Need to Know about the Cutting-edge Components in the Kit

MBT02 Connectable Asset Tags

A connectable asset tracking tag powered by Minew’s advanced 3rd generation Bluetooth® LE firmware. With its robust bidirectional connectivity, it executes gateway commands seamlessly, enabling remote configuration, OTA upgrades, lighting, ringing even in batches, and more.

G1 IoT Gateway (Connection Ver.)

An in-house Bluetooth® IoT gateway for connectable Bluetooth device data collection and upload with WPA2-EAP enterprise-level encryption, enabling users to connect to cloud servers quickly, ensuring data security and privacy. By using downlink configuration, the Minew Control Platform can communicate bidirectionally with asset tags such as MBT02 Connectable Asset Tags.

* If a higher requirement such as the deployment of more than 500 connectable tags is needed, we recommend selecting the enhanced version of the G1 IoT Gateway (Connection Ver.) – multiple Bluetooth modules (up to 6), which is available for customized orders.

Minew Control Platform

A cloud platform for bulk management of Minew Connectable Bluetooth devices. The platform sends commands to the gateway and controls the devices through the gateway, which can realize batch modification of parameters, setting sensors, lighting, ringing, firmware upgrade, shutting down, restoring factory settings, and also upgrading the gateway firmware.

*A free platform account will be provided for demonstration and testing for customers who purchase the Connectable Tag Manager Kit.

Why Do You Need Connectable Tag Manager Kit for Your Business?

Streamlined Asset Real-time Visibility

The Connectable Tag Manager Kit offers businesses a holistic approach to asset management, providing real-time visibility, streamlined operations, and enhanced control. By leveraging the power of bidirectional communication, the kit allows for seamless data exchange, remote configuration, and centralized control, empowering businesses to optimize their asset tracking processes and achieve higher operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Asset Management Security

The Connectable Tag Manager Kit offers comprehensive asset monitoring and security features, providing businesses with peace of mind and improved control. By leveraging remote access and bidirectional communication, businesses can monitor asset location, track movements, and receive real-time alerts in case of any tampering or unauthorized access, mitigating the risk of theft and ensuring asset safety.

Streamlined Operations with Batch Management

Efficient asset management is made possible with the Connectable Tag Manager Kit’s batch management capabilities. Businesses can remotely configure and control multiple assets in bulk, saving valuable time and effort. Whether it’s updating firmware, adjusting parameters, or executing commands, batch management simplifies and streamlines operations, enhancing productivity and reducing manual workload.

Scalability and Cost Efficiency

The Connectable Tag Manager Kit is designed with scalability and cost efficiency in mind. Businesses can easily expand their asset tracking capabilities by adding more MBT02 Connectable Asset Tags and G1 IoT Gateways as needed. This scalability enables businesses to adapt and grow alongside their evolving asset management requirements, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

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Connectable Tag Manager Kit is now available in Minewstore. Feel free to contact Minew Technologies at for more information.

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