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How iBeacon Tag and Other iBeacon Technology Have a Positive Impact in Retail Business

Minew Jan 21, 2022

It was the WWDC (Worldwide-Developer-Conference) in 2013 where Apple initiated its iBeacon technology. Since then, the iBeacon tag technology is becoming popular among businesses constantly. The retail industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this exceptional marketing tool. Especially retail stores, events, and malls are getting a huge benefit from the iBeacon technology. Considering the revolutionary advantages of iBeacons, it is surely going to connect offline and online retail stores to boost sales.

A recent survey reveals that within the next 5 years, approximately 2.5+ billion retails would invest through iBeacons. Another report unveils that beacons confirmed approximately 44 billion sales in the retail sector in 2016. Therefore, you can understand what wonders it has been doing for the retail sector today.


Benefits of iBeacon Tag Technology in 2022

The iBeacon technology, as already said, has been performing exceptionally well to improve sales in the retail industry. But, it doesn’t matter that other industries are not benefiting from this technology. Let’s go through the key advantages that the retail sector and shopping industry has been reaping through iBeacon tag technology today.

1. Builds Greater Customer Base

The iBeacons are helping retailers in creating a more robust customer base. Right when customers are coming closer to your retail store or come inside, beacons shares a welcoming message with them. A customer receiving a greeting message when entering your store gives an exclusive feeling to them. You can set up a notification process your way so that beacons should work accordingly.

Beacons technology has unarguably become a highly useful tool of advertising. Now retailers have the tool to send messages conveniently to their customers, which helps in boosting sales. More than 90% of retailers are already using this technology in the United States. You could be the next to grab the opportunity of boosting sales by building a greater customers base.

2. Helps You Showcase Your Products Efficiently

You can ensure a unique and effective customer experience when exhibiting your services and products using the iBeacon tag. Retailers can showcase their products/services via videos containing the demonstration. Therefore, there is no need for using traditional methods like shelve displays. The iBeacon technology will help your customers see relevant videos. Therefore, they can understand more about your product efficiently.

3. The iBeacons are Budget-Friendly and Easier

The budget is always a deciding factor whenever a retailer is planning for a new marketing methodology. Fortunately, the iBeacon technology is a cost-efficient advertising method. You can buy three to four beacons for under $100. Beacons connect to an app and a CMS (content-management-system) that comes with the product.

Moreover, it is also very simple to set up iBeacons. After transmitter installation, you simply have to set up the iBeacon tag and set actions. Therefore, beacons are becoming so much popular among the retail sector due to their easy setup and affordability. The T1 Mini Beacon Tag, for instance, is available for just $4.99. If you want to boost your sales, you can start using this technology right today.

T1 Mini Beacon Tag

4. Indoor Mapping Facility

Supermarkets have a plethora of products under a single roof. This can make customers a little perplexed about finding their product. However, they can get benefit from the iBeacons technology. An iBeacon device can help consumers find the relevant part of a store to easily get their desired product or service.

5. Personalized Factor

Beacons focus more on the personalized factor. It is a critical tool for boosting a brand. It includes aspects like sharing product recommendations and discount coupons with customers. Using iBeacons, you can recommend to your customers what products they should buy according to their interests or previous purchases. Moreover, the iBeacon tag also works like a salesman where it assists consumers in finding the right product.

However, retailers must ensure that their messages must not annoy customers. If it happens, they will take it as spamming. Therefore, you need to send highly relevant messages to your customers according to their previous purchase history.

6. Better Mobile Retargeting

We already know that beacons are effective devices to connect retailers with the online world. Beacons work according to mobile apps. Therefore, they are an exceptional tool for engaging and retaining more customers. Retailers will be able to engage more consumers from the outdoors. But, how does it happen? Suppose that a customer comes to your store and he isn’t buying anything. You will receive information, like what things he was looking for and other such details.

Now, if your store shares some discount offer with him about the thing he was looking for, he may come back to buy that thing. This is how beacons can help you come up with a better mobile retargeting approach.

What Future Holds!

We know that iBeacon technology is a great tool for engaging customers to boost sales. But, what the future holds for this technology is a question worth answering. Bluetooth LE (low-energy) is an advanced technology that iBeacons use for communication. It’s a two-sided communication that marketers use for specific distances. Businesses including retail entrepreneurs are using iBeacon tag technology to know the interests of their customers. Moreover, Apple is integrating its iBeacons in lights.

Today, we have wearable bracelets that track social distances at the workplace. Several businesses are using this technology for their employees as an anti-pandemic gear. The iBeacon technology has also become a great tool for remote ordering in restaurants. Enhanced inventory and assets management is another advantage that comes with iBeacons. It is becoming extremely popular among retailers because of the many advantages that it offers.


The iBeacons technology is helping retailers market their products to potential customers in a new, exclusive way. Retargeting customers is now extremely simple and effective with the help of iBeacon tag technology. Many top brands like Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Nordstrom, Levi’s, and more are using iBeacons for maximizing gains. If you are operating a retail business you can also get benefit from this technology. It is currently the most affordable and highly effective marketing tool to utilize for customer awareness and retargeting.

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