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What is Programmable iBeacon Technology? Is it Worth Buying?

Minew Feb 16, 2022

There is now intense competition in the industry. Many retail store owners are struggling to engage and retain customers using their traditional approach. However, innovations in technology have brought so many solutions for retailers that they can use to keep in touch with customers. Online shopping is the latest trend that is rising in popularity in every part of the world. Today, retailers can use technologies, such as programmable iBeacon to combine mobile features with their locations. It is extremely helpful for customers to conveniently find what they are looking for.

On the other hand, this technology also helps businesses grow faster. Therefore, the iBeacon technology is doing wonders for both retailers, and customers. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this technology.

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What is Programmable iBeacon Technology?

An iBeacon is a small device that collects and transmits data to other devices (smartphones, etc.) within a specific range. The device does it by using a free app. Any store owner or retailer can easily set up this device in their store. After setting up this device, connecting and communicating with customers becomes straightforward without being excessively intrusive.

Now, many people would want to know what a programmable iBeacon device is. How they are different from common beacons. Is it worth investing in these devices? Most people ask for these beacons when they need beacons with customizable iBeacon UUID and major/minor. It is worth knowing that a user can change the major/minor and UUID of all beacons. They can do it through either an Android and/or iOS app. Sometimes, users can also change the values through UART/USB using a program.

When it comes to programmable beacons, the difference is that you can also update their internal software. Their chip comes with a specific system that runs codes for implementing the functionality of the beacon. Usually, you can update its software using the PCB pins. However, a programmer is required to program or configure the beacon. Programming larger numbers can be tricky. Therefore, using custom-made jigs would be the appropriate solution in that case.

It is impossible to update and see the existing beacon code. If you want to upload a new program, you will have to create it from the scratch. It is known embedded programming. Moreover, it is non-trivial which may take months.

A Perfect Thing for Retailers

The programmable iBeacon technology works perfectly for retail stores. It is extremely beneficial when a store owner wants to offer advertisements and deals or needs particular information about their customers. These devices work with other electronic devices through an app, so the customer information is always safe. It allows for data exchange without privacy breaches. Therefore, these iBeacons are a perfect solution for engaging customers around store locations.

The best part about this iBeacon technology is that you can easily adjust its parameters. It offers you full control over broadcasting intervals, transmission power, and the range. It is a perfect solution for any app owner or retailer. This iBeacon technology allows you to highlight and select any information that you need to receive. Moreover, also have the luxury to choose particular information that you want to share with your customers.

With such a connection type, the programmable iBeacon technology assists businesses to learn about their customers. Therefore, they will be able to meet the needs of their customers more efficiently.

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Benefits of Programmable iBeacons

The amazing accuracy of the programmable version of iBeacons makes them a great choice for retailers. The iBeacons technology offers up to 328 feet of coverage. However, you can easily adjust this range according to your specific area. It is a feature that most retailers would find useful in their stores.

The iBeacons technology works on Bluetooth signals. Therefore, this technology is exceptionally accurate indoors. Therefore, users will have full control because of the tremendous accuracy that they offer. After detecting a nearby device through an app, iBeacons will take a certain action immediately.

The initial design and features of iBeacons have some concerns, particularly related to the privacy of the users or customers. However, the enhanced programmable iBeacon technology has resolved all such issues now. During the information exchange, the information or data of the customers will always be protected. It is important to know that technology providers never track users. Instead, they just log them whenever they are within their range.

Additionally, users also need the same app installed on their electronic device which connects to the beacon. Consequently, user privacy will never be infringed and retailers will still be receiving necessary customer information.

Programmable iBeacons are highly useful in this competitive world. They offer full control over certain things, such as making a change or adjustment to specifications. Moreover, users also have the freedom to integrate these devices with other Bluetooth devices regardless of what operating system they have. The best part is that these devices also come with pre-installed batteries and also a warranty. Therefore, these devices have become an amazing marketing tool for retailers.

Common Use Cases

The retail industry is getting an immense benefit from iBeacons technology. The most common use cases of iBeacons include:

  • Retail Stores
  • Food Services
  • Banking
  • Airports
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Analytics
  • Cinema
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics

Apart from the above-mentioned use cases, iBeacons have become a great proximity marketing tool for many industries.

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Final Thoughts

The programmable iBeacon technology is an enhanced version of traditional iBeacons. It allows you to customize iBeacon specifications for a specific place. For instance, you can reduce the range of a 328ft range iBeacon to 200ft according to your requirements. Moreover, there are other valuable changes that you can make to the specifications of your iBeacon device. It will help you enjoy maximum benefits from your iBeacon device. These devices are available in various sizes and specifications. Before you choose one, it is important to ensure that you choose the right iBeacon according to your requirements.

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