Minew is excited to announce the launch of its latest product, the MST03 Asset Temperature Logger. This forefront gadget represents an important advancement in temperature monitoring and asset tracking, providing remarkable precision and reliability for businesses that rely on maintaining ideal temperature conditions throughout the supply chain.


Why Do Industries Need It?

The logistics and cold chain industries have long struggled with the difficulty of accurately tracking asset temperature and location in real-time. Traditional approaches frequently fail, resulting in gaps in visibility and raising the risk of product deterioration and financial losses. Recognizing these challenges, Minew sought to provide an innovative approach to transform temperature and location tracking in these crucial areas.

The MST03 Asset Temperature Logger meets this crucial demand by delivering real-time temperature monitoring and asset tracking, giving users exclusive understanding and control over their supply chain processes. Moreover, the MST03 stands apart from traditional plastic tag materials due to its unique structural design. The new composition not only shortens development cycles but also greatly reduces costs.

What Can You Expect from It?

With real-time temperature monitoring and precise location tracking capabilities, users can expect to gain complete visibility and control over their supply chain operations. From ensuring the safety and quality of temperature-sensitive goods to optimizing logistics processes and complying with regulatory requirements, the MST03 delivers operational excellence. Moreover, the MST03 offers options between temperature sensors or thermistors for versatile temperature data collection, capturing ambient or object temperatures.

Besides, the asset temperature logger records up to 60,000 series temperature data and generates reports in PDF or Excel format for proof throughout logistics transit, making it the go-to solution for industries seeking to elevate the temperature and location tracking capabilities.

Essential Capabilities and Advantages

 ● Real-time Temperature Monitoring: The MST03 provides continuous temperature updates, enabling users to take proactive measures to mitigate temperature excursions and uphold product quality. Configure temperature alerting thresholdsfor both normal and low temperatures to receive timely temperature deviation notices. Besides, the temperature monitoring accuracy ranges from ±0.1 to 0.3℃.

 ● Location Tracking: Real-time asset tracking allows logistics professionals to monitor the movement of goods and optimize supply chain operations.

Location Tracking

 ● Robust Design: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the device is IP67-rated waterproofing, ensuring reliable performance in demanding operational settings.

 ● Long Service Life:With a service life of up to 2 years, the MST03 delivers long-term value, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime.

 ● Seamless Integration:The MST03 can seamlessly integrate with users’ existing logistics management systems, providing users with a comprehensive view of temperature and location data.


Real-Time Data Management

With the MST03 Asset Temperature Logger, generating comprehensive reports is an easy thing. The MSensor app, compatible with both iOS and Android phones, allows users to monitor temperature data in real time, receive timely notifications, and easily generate complete reports in PDF or Excel format for in-depth research.

Real-Time Data Management

Device Batch Management for Streamlined Operations

With firmware supporting bidirectional connectivity protocols, coupled with Minew’s gateway and TagCloud 3.0, the MST03 Asset Temperature Logger enables batch device management. This functionality streamlines operations by allowing users to efficiently manage multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring scalability and ease of deployment across diverse operational environments.

In today’s variable environment of logistics and cold chain management, the MST03 Asset Temperature Logger distinguishes itself as an ideal example of durability. With its broad performance, the MST03 raises the bar for asset monitoring. It allows businesses to improve operations and give more value to customers by ensuring excellent security and operational performance.

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