Minew officially announces the launch of 2 new repeaters—the MWC01 Badge Repeater and the MBT02 Asset Repeater. In this innovative approach, employees are managed precisely while assets are monitored efficiently, resulting in a comprehensive and intelligent solution for efficient workplace management and other industrial uses.

MWC01 Badge Repeater and the MBT02 Asset Repeater

Why Do You Need Repeaters for Business Operations?

Repeater solution can significantly minimize the deployment of Bluetooth gateways, making it a cost-effective choice for indoor positioning. In every aspect of business operations, repeaters, such as the MWC01 Badge Repeater and MBT02 Asset Repeater, are necessary. These repeaters are critical to maintaining ongoing connectivity, efficiency, and security in dynamic work situations. They bridge communication gaps by expanding Bluetooth signal range, allowing precise staff management and efficient asset tracking. Repeaters play an important role in establishing a connected and intelligent workplace that meets the demands of modern corporate operations, whether it is optimizing staff management, securing assets, or improving operational efficiency.

MWC01 Badge Repeater and the MBT02 Asset Repeater

MWC01 Badge Repeater: Precision in Personnel Management

Emergency Response Capabilities: During an emergency, the MWC01 takes center stage with its button-triggered location alerts. Employees can quickly transmit their position, resulting in faster reaction times and increased workplace safety.

High-Precision Bluetooth Technology: The MWC01 uses advanced Bluetooth technology to provide outstanding precision in personnel management. The high-accuracy location enables real-time visibility and effective staff management in industrial and business situations.

Dynamic Smart Features: The addition of vibration feedback and magnetic charging function brings a fresh approach to management. This guarantees not just precise tracking, but also prompt reactions in modern industries.

MBT02 Asset Repeater: Efficiency in Asset Tracking

Effective Asset monitoring: Low-consumption Bluetooth chip enhances the performance of the MBT02 in asset monitoring. It delivers high accuracy for tracking assets in complex industrial environments by scanning fixed beacons and delivering real-time information to the gateway.

Tamper Alarm: MBT02 includes an anti-tamper switch. This unique feature protects important assets by alerting against unwanted access or removal.

Lightweight Design: MBT02’s small and lightweight design allows for flexible deployment on various assets and equipment, making it a great option for businesses that emphasize flexibility and adaptability.

How Do Minew Repeaters Help Save Costs and Smooth Business Operations?

Deploying the MWC01 Badge Repeater and MBT02 Asset Repeater is a smart and cost-effective approach to reducing gateway implementation costs. When these repeaters are attached to assets or people, they scan for fixed Bluetooth beacons in their surroundings. These repeaters use advanced filtering algorithms to broadcast the Mac addresses and RSSI data of the strongest signal beacons to surrounding gateways. This simplified strategy ensures that only a few gateways are required, accordingly lowering deployment costs while allowing for efficient and real-time tracking of asset utilization status and location trajectory. This unique deployment approach not only reduces operational expenses but also increases deployment flexibility in a variety of industrial and corporate environments.

ensures precision in people and asset management

In conclusion, Minew MWC01 Badge Repeater and MBT02 Asset Repeater come out as innovative solutions that go beyond traditional workplace management. The seamless integration of these repeaters not only ensures precision in people and asset management but also helps lower deployment costs and decrease the need for large gateway installations. Minew’s repeater solution enables intelligent and cost-effective workplace operations by providing a strategic approach to connection and efficiency.

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