How to reopen the business while keeping your employees safe at work? Minew provides professional solution to effectively maximize your workplace safety with the B8 Plus Social Distancing Wristband. B8 Plus Social Distancing Wristband is equipped with a temperature sensor based on the Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Technology.


Temperature Monitoring

B8 Plus monitors the wearers body temperature in real-time. When the body temperature is beyond the normal range, the temperature sensor will detect the abnormal temperature and remind the wearer to see a doctor as early as possible. In this way, the infection can be timely detected at the early stage.

Proximity Alert and Contacts Tracing B8 Plus also alerts when the wearers are accidentally getting close within 2 meters, and traces 20,000 close contacts over the past 2 weeks.  

This Social Distancing Wristband is made for business entities, hospitals, nursing home, institutions, schools and stadiums that need to help employees and visitors maintain proper social distance and track close contacts.


In regard to more solutions to the pandemic, Minew also launches other B-series (B6/7/9) Wristbands mainly aiming at self-quarantine with excellent functions of location, tracking, real-time info pushing, SOS, etc.


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