By way of helping you to buy the products you want, and safeguarding your consumption right as minutely introducing the products in today situation. Minew works together with Alibaba to provide satisfactory products and solutions for you!



In the coming September, Minew broadcasts live on the Alibaba Trade Show :
0 a.m on the 1st (PST), (7 a.m GMT)
2 a.m on the 8th(PST), (9 a.m GMT)
2 a.m on the 15th(PST), (9 a.m GMT)
2 a.m on the 23rd(PST), (9 a.m GMT)Minew will be on time, looking forward to your coming.



The main products showcased on the Live are Minew’s top ESL products and solutions,BluetoothBeacon and other professional IoT products and solutions.

The broadcasting will carefully, thoroughly show you the products and solutions by the professional staffs from Minew, provide technical explanation to your questions and save your energy by breaking through the space constraint. You can purchase the products just at home. If you are not available at the live time, just playback the broadcast on the Alibaba Trade Show.


Put the broadcast live on your schedule, see you then!


Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Tracy, Hilary

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