On March 2nd, 2022, Minew’s Bluetooth module MS46SF11 and MS50SFB have been certified by Korea National Radio Research Agency and listed on the Bluetooth website respectively.

MS50SFB Bluetooth® 5.0 Modules

The certificate of BQB recognizes the high quality and reliability of Minew’s Bluetooth module MS46SF11, while the certificate of KC officially confirms the safety and reliability of Bluetooth module MS50SFB, for which we feel honored and privileged of the premium recognition. To meet the growing needs of product deployment, save customers’ certification costs, and speed time to the market, we have continuously been developing and upgrading strategic products, providing industrial-grade modules for customers.

The BQB certification is the official Bluetooth certification dominated by the Bluetooth SIG. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth logo after being granted the certification. Furthermore, the products granted with the BQB certification are certified to conform to the technical standards of the Bluetooth SIG, facilitating the process with more convenience for clients who employ Minew MS46SF11 module to obtain the BQB certification for their products.


KC certification, also known as KC Mark Korea Certification, is a product certification that ensures the conformity of products to Korean safety standards, namely K Standards, dedicated to the prevention and reduction of risks regarding safety, health, and impact on the environment. Our modules have successfully obtained KC certification approved by Korea Standards Association, and continue to receive post-certification supervision.

KC certificationKC certification

Importantly, we can’t miss the highlights of Modules.

MS46SF11 Module features:

  • Highly Integrated Solution
  • With Nordic nRF52805 ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Integrated external 32.768K crystal oscillator
  • PCB Trace Antenna support external antenna connection, Metal Shied
  • 192KB Flash and 24KB RAM
  • Support Preload Minew High-speed Slave Uart Firmware
  • Support iBeacon Broadcast Mode

MS50SFB Module features:

  • Highly Integrated Solution
  • Available with Nordic nRF52 SoCs, with ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Integrated external 32.768K crystal oscillator
  • Available with integrated antenna, Metal Shied
  • 512KB Flash and 64KB RAM
  • Support Preload Minew High-speed Master/Slave Uart Firmware
  • Support iBeacon Broadcast Mode
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth Mesh

Our certified modules with excellent performance have addressed various applications such as sensors, lighting, security, home automation, sports and fitness, and other uses to provide wireless connectivity to a multitude of devices and equipment.  High-grade, security, and reliability are what Minew has always been chasing and committed to providing to our customers. In addition to providing qualified modules, Minew prepares a large number and variety of Bluetooth devices to satisfy the demand for IoT solution deployment in the market. Minew will look forward to helping more customers be boosted and providing you with higher quality wireless products.

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