What is Find My Network?

Find My Network, launched by Apple, is a popular service for locating your lost items that have location tags attached such as AirTag and Minew MTC02 Smart Finder 2. It includes hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide, advanced end-to-end encryption, and industry-leading security, allowing users to easily locate their belongings in the Find My app while remaining confident that their privacy is protected.

What is Find My Network

How does Find My work for us?

Find My-supported hardware devices such as F6 Smart Finder will send out Bluetooth signals that can be detected by the nearby Apple devices on the Find My Network. Therefore, the location of your Find My network-enabled device will be sent to iCloud in anonymity and encryption, which can be viewed on the Find My app.

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Keep track of personal items using Find My

It's a lot of fun with the millions of devices that help you find your belongings. You can locate the items on the Find My app as well as ring the location devices to pinpoint them.

Your Privacy

Apple and Minew offer you complete control over your information. You're the only one who knows exactly where the item is. Location data is communicated anonymously and encrypted, so you don't have to worry about location security. Besides, when someone else's Find My-enabled device falls into your belongings, your iPhone will find it and send you an alert.

Your Privacy

More than just a smart tracker.

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Hardware Development

We provide hardware development and design services, and partners are welcome to join in this process, ensuring that high-quality products meet the requirements of the Find My network.

Hardware Production

Hardware Production

A variety of services such as SMT, PCBA, and manufactured products. The supply chain is professional and reliable, which has been certified by Apple MFi.


Embedded Software

Development services for embedded software.

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