Minew, a leading IoT hardware designer and manufacturer, is honored to announce that we recently officially got the MFi Manufacturing License and become the authorized MFi manufacturer (Minew MFi License: MFi-21-061128). Apple MFi Certification means that you can be sure that the accessory you buy for your Apple device is verified by Apple to be safe and compatible. Minew can not only legally manufacture the electronic accessories related to Apple, but provide the products with reliable high quality for the customers.

Works with Apple Find my

Minew was certified to use Find My Network

In the past, “Find My” was only valid for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods, etc. Now, with iOS system updates of 14.5, iPad OS 14.5, and mac OS Big Sur 11.1, Apple’s “Find My” has been gradually opened up to third-party manufacturers, with a separate certification mark like MFi and MFM.

Third-party certified products, such as Minew’s upcoming certified products, will feature the words “Works with Apple Find My” (can be used with Apple Find My Network) on the product packaging or the promotional interface of their websites.

You can use the Find My App on your Apple devices such as your iPhone to see the location of your targeted device on the map or play a sound to help you pinpoint it. If the device is online, you can get the location of the device easily. If not, you’ll see the last location of the device that it was online or connected to the Find My network.

Why Minew can pass the MFi certification

Minew, specialized in smart IoT hardware design and manufacturing for a dozen years, owns hundreds of patents and is growing daily. Minew has an excellent quality control management system, a seasoned R&D team, and the world’s advanced SMT equipment. It is based on those advantages that Minew gets the favor and trust. Registration itself is not difficult, but it’s not easy to get. MFi certification has a very strict process and audit from Apple Inc. It is reported that the passing rate is only around 2% in the whole world, and it can be approved by Apple MFi means that Minew has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of enterprise power like R&D technologies, production capability, and services.

IoT hardware R&D technologies production

What you can do with Minew

For Minew’s partners

Since Minew is a Find My Network Accessory Program partner, we will continue to work hard on new product design and manufacturing for the Find My Network in the future. Similarly, we encourage potential partners to join us in the coming product design and manufacturing process for first-class accessories certification so that customers are able to choose high-quality and reliable products.

For users

Find My Network consists of hundreds of millions of encrypted and anonymous Apple devices which use secure Bluetooth technology to locate nearby lost items and then report their approximate location so that you can retrieve them in a private and secure way.

In other words, by adding targeted gadgets to the Find My App, you can use it to locate items and search devices, safe and convenient. For example, after successfully adding an item, you can perform a series of convenient actions such as viewing the item on the e-map. You can even make the item play a sound if it’s nearby. In case an item is lost, you can enable Lost Mode so that you’ll be notified when the item is found. Is it as convenient and easy as AirTag?

Move towards high-end intelligence!

Last but not least, Minew wants to emphasize that whether it is an Apple official product or an authorized third-party product, one must adhere to all the privacy protections of the Find My network that Apple customers rely on, and end-to-end anonymous encryption can ensure privacy and security, so users do not have to worry too much about the problem of privacy and security. Guess which Find My enabled product from Minew is related to “Works with Apple Find My”? Stay tuned!

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