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Minew earnestly welcomes you to our IoT starter kit MHS, a full set of gadgets for your healthcare needs, from patient management to equipment tracking. This kit includes everything you require to expeditiously construct a sophisticated monitoring system. This kit’s components have been demonstrated to function well with created systems that have been put to use. These gadgets work miraculously independently, and when being used together, they bring a complete framework. Minew delivers a full-strength Bluetooth® LE monitoring network to any healthcare establishment and is especially suggested for hospitals, clinics, continuous care centers, nursing homes, laboratories, or rehabilitation centers. The starter kit MHS is simple to set up and built to fit any place. This kit gives the enhanced performance required to handle innumerable Bluetooth® LE devices thanks to its lightning-fast gateway and the Minew cloud platform. It employs state-of-the-art technology and the highest level of accuracy to deliver the most responsive measure at the lowest price to monitor your healthcare institution, regardless of its kind or size. To best meet your needs, these devices were chosen from a large selection of Minew products.

loT Starter Kit - MHS

Current Challenges

From congested emergency rooms in a hospital to high maintenance low utilization rehabilitation centers, tracking patients and keeping a live record of everyone’s equipment on the server has always been a tough issue to tackle. Healthcare has reached a stage where it is too challenging to expand in light of the exponential development of system needs due to the rising cost of labor, managerial complexity, and ineffective productivity.

After decades of integrating computerized machines and digitalized equipment, there is still a dearth of suitable IT assistance for the healthcare sector. Misidentification of patients, medications, or inappropriate management of medical equipment is continuing to cause issues. Additionally, unintegrated data management systems are plagued with data inaccuracy and plethora.

Traditionally tracking the asset can be very difficult and time-consuming. Particularly in the healthcare sector, being unable to locate the asset in time would often result in a drastic deepening of costs in money and time. When the patient is agitatedly waiting in bed, being unable to locate your tool can result in a medical incident. Loss of certain medical equipment that could be worth millions of dollars can also be deadly to any healthcare institution. IoT can provide assistance to avoid such potential frustrations.

Security has been a big problem in healthcare since traditionally paper-based patient records are supposed to be heavily safeguarded and transported. Unauthorized access and peeking into computer screens can still occur. This issue has been dejectedly magnified in recent years due to patient privacy protection by HIPAA. Problems such as loss of patient records, and staff stepping out of their access level to visit certain records often result in million-dollar lawsuits and fines, whilst transferring data digital specifically from point A to point B avoids such issues. Our gateway can upload data encrypted by SSL with a certificate embedded while the healthcare workers do not even have to read on screens. From the point the patients’ records are transferred, practitioners and pharmacists receive that information at their ends without any intermediate stages in the middle.

MHS IoT Kit as a Solution

This kit aims to offer new value to patients by implementing services that monitor high-risk patients, inpatients, and outpatients, particularly based on RFID tag technology, near-field communication (NFC), and Bluetooth® low-energy beacon technology. It is based on active research of IoT technology-based service models. Health professionals are anticipated to improve their capacity to make decisions by receiving fresh information that was previously unavailable to them. In order to give healthcare professionals efficient work procedures, this article recounts the experience of offering services through online and mobile applications to both inpatients and outpatients.

Patients were able to obtain detailed health information omnipresent as a result of this IoT kit, and the service enhanced their interaction with new services. In particular, it was intended for patients to continue receiving healthcare services after and before receiving the treatment. As a result, the hospital could maintain contact with the patients, and we anticipated that they would be more pleased with these services.

In hospitals, the Beacon and IoT may be used to track equipment and record and monitor staff activity. This will allow personnel to spend less time looking for equipment and more time caring for patients. The use of beacon IoT in healthcare will enable employees to locate equipment, save money on replacing lost items, and perhaps save patients’ lives. Through the Beacon tracking system, patients may also locate friends, relatives, and available consultants. This translates to better, more efficient service for patients.

The larger the facility is, the more difficult it is to manage at the individual level. By having the whole facility monitored wirelessly and supplying you with chosen data on a remote server, our ready-to-deploy IoT starting kit MHS may free you from laborious manually verifying and tracking work. It is intended to address current issues and outfit any contemporary healthcare facilities to the greatest extent. The healthcare workers may therefore benefit from everything being easier and more self-explanatory thanks to our gadgets, while also knowing that the patients’ status and equipment’s locations are under surveillance.

Features and Functions of Each Component

The MG3 Gateway

The MG3 gateway is a USB plug-and-play Bluetooth® Wi-Fi gateway used for the scanning and data collection of Bluetooth® LE devices, our smallest gateway so far. The collected signals are encapsulated into JSON packets and transmitted to the server through Wi-Fi. On the cloud platform, users may track down Bluetooth® devices and manage people, places, things, and environments remotely. MG3 can be used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, or any other healthcare facilities wherever Bluetooth® LE signals need to be collected. Due to its small size and affordable price, building your IoT networking using MG3 may lower your deployment costs, increase efficiency, expand installing flexibility, and retain tracking precision. The gateway has the size of a flash drive, making it slightly portable. It can be powered by PCs, power banks, and phone chargers. It is compatible with any USB power source, making installation worry-free. This enhances installation effectiveness and is less impacted by the environment. Since OTA is supported, updating is quite simple. The gateway has the capacity to simultaneously gather and upload data. It is possible to choose scan and upload intervals to react flexibly to various conditions.

The S1 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

S1 is a highly precise digital BLE temperature and humidity sensor developed by Minew for environmental monitoring. The storage and transportation of medical supplies have strict temperature requirements. S1 has a large detection temperature range and can realize real-time detection of the transportation or storage temperature of blood, vaccines, and medicines. S1 has a built-in probe to minimize the fluctuation and effectively prolong the service life of S1 in extreme environments. The S1 sensor can read the temperature and humidity of the ambient environment and report that data to the gateway. The data can be collected and stored locally for up to 200 records.

The C10 Card Beacon

The card form C10 can be used for personnel and patient management. The wearers’ whereabouts can be determined once the nearest gateway that picks up the Bluetooth® broadcast signals from C10 and its NFC can be used for area access control, patient registry, or health workers’ check-in/ out. A virtual fence can be implemented, thus if a patient leaves the facility without proper procedures, the administrator will be alerted. It also has a panic button that if a patient or a worker needs help, an emergency alert will be sent out with a push of a button. Once the gateway determines its location, the first responders can attend immediately. The optional accelerometer can detect whether the wearer is moving or stationary.

The B7 Button Wristband

B7 is a wristband version of C10 that can be worn by patients. It is light and small that can fit anyone. It has a panic button and accelerometer just like C10. For patients who do not wish to wear a lanyard, B7 is perfect.

The B10 Rechargeable Button Wristband

B10 is a more advanced version of B7, a smart emergency button wristband mainly designed for healthcare facilities. Since it can be charged and used repeatedly it is ideal for long-term care centers or nursing homes. The color is black with a red line instead of B7’s white. The accelerometer is a more advanced version incorporating six-axis data. The atmospheric pressure sensor and temperature sensor are optional. Fall detection can be developed with its six-axis accelerometer.

The E8S Asset Tag

The E8S is a Bluetooth® LE asset tag that has an accelerometer that is built in. It can help users in complex healthcare facilities track equipment and supplies. Knowing where your stuff is, is always a convenience considering there are times when medical workers frantically look for certain tools while time is critical for a patient laying on an operating table. With a more developed system, the resource utilization rate can be optimized with E8S. Its accelerometer gives enhanced security to items you want to keep track of. Its size is so small that it can be attached to any surface of any equipment or thrown in the box.

MBT01 Anti-Tamper Asset Tag

The MBT01 Bluetooth® location tag has an anti-tamper switch and is intended for asset tracking. To safeguard the safety of the asset, if the tag is forcibly removed, it will broadcast a particular signal to the server and the administrator would be notified that the asset tag has been removed. If the asset that MBT01 is attached to has been moved out of the range of the gateway, the system would also advise the administrator that the asset is no longer the possession of its original place. It is attached to the asset with adhesives to ensure asset security and quick searching. Due to its portable nature, the gadget may also be used on various hospital equipment or sickbeds for better application and administration of medical resources.

Work Together as a Whole

The kit MHS provides you with an effective and adaptable solution for healthcare institutions when used collectively. It can track the whereabouts of every employee while keeping track of the locations and temperature of the whole establishment if properly installed and integrated with a functional system. The administrator may easily identify, monitor, or track stuff such as tools, supplies, equipment, or patients by creating and integrating a network around the kit using ingresses from local servers or cloud platforms.

Our TagCloud IoT platform is available for free. By further developing your own system and platform based on our SDK, limitless opportunities may be realized. TagCloud has a user-friendly graphical interface which makes it perfect for testing and demonstration purposes. It can manage devices in batches and monitor their data simultaneously. Furthermore, a secondary development with the kit is advised to realize its full potential.


Your healthcare facility can be monitored and governed remotely with the help of this kit and an implemented platform. Any temperature change or asset migration in will be identified by the system. Other gateways adjacent will pick up the slack if one gateway is unintentionally unplugged or out of service. Even in a busy environment, the MG3 gateway can collect and process up to 150 packets per second. The IoT kit includes elegant and modest designs, such as portable personal beacons and small form factor tags, that work with any healthcare environment. When your monitored regions need to scale up, just add more beacons and gateways to integrate them into the current system. Together by working as a team, the MHS kit gives you contentment, leaving you to more important work.

 Let MHS IoT Kit Take Your Healthcare Facility to Next Generation

Minew IoT starting kit MHS may assist you in synergistically recapitalizing the core information based on your present infrastructure and turning it into a compellingly attractive long-term high impact infomediaries while realizing the full potential of your system by inherently incorporating trustworthy procedures. Its distinctive characteristics and capacities gradually give access to efficient intellectual informatics while dealing with either a busy shift in an emergency room or a slow process in a nursing home. With the help of this kit, the patient’s status can be monitored 24/7 while ensuring area access is secured and supplies are under the right temperature. Every action can be monitored and recorded, and every measure that needs to be watched is now reliably tracked and adjusted in real-time thanks to our cloud platform, which objectively furnishes principle-centered confluences for you.

This carefully designed IoT kit may effectively and quickly benefit any health facility. An innovatively syndicated transparent core competence can include the new process with the guidance of this kit.

Now Available for Pre-order

The smart healthcare IoT starter kit is available for pre-order now. Contact our sales team to order yours today to enter a new world.

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