The COVID-19 has brought turbulence that transforms the whole world, especially how people live and work. At the same time, it accelerates the innovation and implementation of high techs, such as IoT tech, into the human working environment. It is a new norm that a safer and healthier environment should be provided when returning to the workplace.  

Companies cannot wait for the unpredictable outbreak to end before returning to work, especially those who need practical operation. They need practical and reliable measures for immediate action. It is a great challenge that quickly renovates the traditional workplace into an intelligent, less or non-contact one while spending an affordable expenditure

That’s where Minew’s C10 Multi-use smart card comes in. C10 is a smart badge for people to use in workplaces from different vertical industries. Designed with a panic button, C10 leverages the low energy Bluetooth technology to help executives manage the staff more efficiently and easily in the COVID-19 era and the post-COVID19 era, of course, without large costs.    

Why Recommend You with C10 Among Our Product Family?

C10 requires little effort to integrate with your existing infrastructure and system, building up a comfortable office environment. Its competitive features including:

√ Bluetooth® 5.0 chipset nRF52 series

√ Wearable design

√ Panic button

√ Built-in Accelerometer

√ RFID (NFC) option

√ Waterproof IP65

√ Up to 100m advertising range

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What can you benefit from C10 Multi-use smart card ?

  • Real-time Positioning & Tracking

Minew C10 can locate and track the presence of the employees in a site location. It allows quick access to the targeted person when needed.

  • Indoor Activity Monitoring

In a specific area, activity monitoring enables managers to supervise the job is performed according to regulations remotely.   

  • Occupancy Optimization

Based on the real-time location and space occupancy analysis, you can transform facilities into a support system for the people working within them, lowering costs and improving efficiency.

  • Access Control

This is the most frequently used function of a smart badge. NFC available makes C10 realize access control, to safeguard your workplace from the front door.  

  • Social Distance (available by reconfiguring the firmware )

The most primary and important way to stay safe and healthy while the virus spreading is to maintain proper social distance. By reconfiguring and updating the firmware inside C10, your workplace can be run as it can remain the wearers to stay non-contact with each other.

Furthermore, C10 Multi-use smart card is also available in asset tracking and management, which can achieve loss prevention and better resource allocation.

For more information and strategies that can help in planning a return to the workplace, contact us anytime you want.     

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