AoA technology has emerged and reformed the field of indoor positioning, providing more accurate location data based on the measurement of angle of arrival.

Following and leading the pace of times, Minew carries out the critical task of the research, development, and testing of AoA technology, acquiring periodical and encouraging results. In the foreseeable future, Minew is going to devote to implementing the AoA tech into a variety of products and offering our clients multiple and targeted indoor positioning products and services.

What is AoA?
“The angle of arrival (AoA) of a signal is the direction from which the signal (e.g. radio, optical or acoustic) is received”. (find sources: Wikipedia).


(Triangulation: uses angles to determine location of tracked device)

This completely new indoor positioning tech has been given play to its advantages by some technology companies, authenticated by a great deal of scientific treatises and monographs. Minew also makes achievements in this novel tech. AoA Indoor Positioning occupies a position in location technology by right of its high-precision and other peculiarities.


Whats new?
Compared to other location technology, AoA tech is provided with higher positioning accuracy and stability. Based on low-power Bluetooth 5.1 technology, it’s very economical with widely applicability.

● High-precision positioning & tracking
● Low Energy Consumption
● Easy to Install – Less Complexity than RSSI
● Better Stability
● Embeddable and applicable in Bluetooth devices

Where is it applied?
AoA tech has extensive serviceability, it gives assistance in:
Strategic Analysis in Sports Events
In sports events, coaches can record the track of athletes according to AoA technology, observe and be familiar with the habits of athletes, so as to adjust the competition strategy. AoA can also perform in sports training ground to optimize the combat effectiveness of athletes.

Path Research of Customers in Shopping Malls
In shopping malls, AoA technology makes easier the process of recording customers’ shopping path, analyzing customers’ shopping tendency based on data. Merchants arrange the layout of shops and the delivery of promotion information according to the footprints.

Indoor Navigation of Visiting Exhibition in Museums
AoA technology also fits to the navigation in museum, leading visitors to quickly arrive at their destinations and effectively enhancing the visiting experience.

Route Management of Personnel in Construction Sites
In the construction site, managers are capable to observe the path, remind workers to stay away from the dangerous area by AoA tech, ensuring the safety of workers, and standardizing the operation.

Supervision in Detention Center and Prisons,
Applied in the Bluetooth devices and then worn by suspects or criminals, AoA tech ensures relevant managers to remotely monitor their moving tracks. The application prevents suspects or criminals from leaving the surveillance site secretly

And many other indoor administration of the asset and personnel. AOA tech undoubtedly sets the new trend in indoor positioning.High precision is beneficial to avoid mistakes.

Minew wishes to join hands to benefit the people all over the world through developing and renovating AoA indoor positioning technology, realizing the function of locating combined with other location technologies.

Now, What do you expect from this tech?

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa, Eason

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