On April 20, 2021, Apple brought its new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag on the Apple Spring Event. Apple expanded its Find My ecosystem with AirTag, an iPhone accessory that helps easily locate the items that matter most. AirTag is only for Apple users. Minew has already involved in leveraging Bluetooth technology to find lost items by a simple tag for a while. It’s Minew’s Key Finder series (F5 Key Finder and F6 Key Finder included), which are available for everyone using Apple or Android to find their valuables easily.

Introducing Minew’s Key Finders
Minew’s Key Finder is a smart, ultra-thin tracking device based on Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology, making people quickly locate and easily find their misplaced stuff. Minew’s Key Finder is more than a tracker. It is also a Bluetooth selfie assistant by remotely controlling the shutter of mobile phones or tablets.


● Multi-color (tailor-made colors available)
● Sleek design
● Two-way finding
● Disconnection alerts
● 90dB buzzer
● LED indicator light

How It Works
Attach your things
Attach a Minew Key Finder to your precious things in life. Sleek, thin, with hole, Minew Key Finder is easy to attach to anything.
Bind on App
Bind your T-finder to your mobile phone through App.
Ring your things
Use the Minew App to ring your Key Finder if it’s nearby. Just tap the “Call” button.
See on map
You can also see your Key Finder on the e-map if not hearing the ringing.
Find your things
Tap the “Stop” button on the App to shut down the ringing after you finding your lost.

What you can do with Minew Key Finders
Get your easy-to-find power
Bluetooth powered Minew Key Finder attaches easily to keys, bags, earbud cases, pets and more. Find your lost item on your phone.
Locate your things on the map
You can also locate your lost item on the app. The last seen location will mark on the map, and you can scroll through the history of where the tag’s been to retrace it.
One-click convenience for taking a selfie
With Key Finder, taking a selfie is more convenient. Remotely control shutter with just a click of a button, do you can take a perfect selfie without someone taking photos. 
Manage it all using the T-Finder App
Configure the Key Finder on the T-Finder app for personalized settings. The T-Finder gives you options and remote control from your smartphone and is available for both Android and iOS.
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Minew’s Key Finders make your life more worry-free than ever, for everyday thing like keys, wallets, umbrellas, handbags, suitcases, athletic gear or anything else you value and other stuff you need to keep track of regularly.


We are working on the new item finding tags. Minew’s “AirTag” is coming soon, please stay tuned.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa

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