AoA G2 Gateway allowing you to deliver more location-accurate solutions.

Location-based service (LBS) has a uprising tendency in many businesses as well as government organizations to drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where activities take place. More and more methods and techniques are developed to optimize LBS. As the critical domain of LBS, indoor positioning has been continuously augmented across cutting-edge technologies. And Angle of Arrival (AoA) technique is on the cusp.

AoA G2 Gateway kit is a set of Bluetooth components, mainly including one G2 gateway, four AoA locators, five pieces of 19.7 feet network cables and three E5 Location Beacons. It utilizes the latest Bluetooth and emerging AoA techniques, capable of delivering sub-meter class accuracy for LBS in all industries.

AoA Indoor Positioning System
AoA G2 enables positioning solutions to rely on the actual direction of a signal instead of received signal strength indicator (RSSI). This improves accuracy and opens new possibilities for applications in this segment.

When the targeted Beacon broadcasts signal, the locators get the In-phase Quadrature data by switching the 12 built-in antennas by array to receive the signal. Since the different line-of-sight (LOS) distance to antennas, the antennas in the receiving array will get the In-phase Quadrature, which provides the basic data for angle calculation.


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• G2 Gateway connect to multiple BLE devices in various indoor environments.
• G2 Gateway is used to track assets or people for inventory management, real-time positioning, and loss prevention, etc.
• Our locators collect data from Beacon devices or tracked assets, and G2 gateway sends the data to server in real-time.
• With the calculation in the server, remote monitoring could be realized, as well as the data management and analysis in real-time.

Tackling with the troubles of spending much time for item finding, low working efficiency, confusion of where am I and where to go, difficult security in multistory buildings, also the implement of hygiene compliance in the COVID-19 era, AoA G2 Gateway kit is a high-quality, reliable hardware to suit your environment.

Assets Management
– Tag the valuable assets, and less time spent to look for the target item by real-time positioning and tracking on the e-map.

Workflow Optimization
– Collect accurate occupancy data for rooms arrangement, staff assignment and task distribution in the Cloud to boost efficiency.

Building Security
– Setup Geo-fence for buildings, monitor the in and out for access control, and real-time positioning for personnel and asset security and loss prevention.

Regulatory Compliance
– Receive signal from Bluetooth devices worn by the staff to guarantee pandemic protection by recording the hygiene behaviors.

Reduce Cost
– Provide up to 4305 sq ft coverage range by the minimal, one-time cost of one G2 kit reduces the high cost of installing a costly infrastructure; as well as asset management and loss prevention.

Easy Deployment
– Quick setup by the easy-to-follow instructions provided.

AoA G2 kit fits into various indoor service solutions to meet the ever-expanding need of wireless connectivity in factories and warehouses (the main forces in industry 4.0), healthcare facilities, smart buildings, sports, retail spaces and others.

Factories and Warehouses – help in assets tracking, process optimization, collision avoidance, inventory management and quality control in these hazardous and critical industrial spaces.

Heathcare Facilities – accelerate the development of smart healthcare in vital equipment and patient tracking, contact tracing, hand hygiene compliance, Staff & patient safety with AoA and Bluetooth technologies.

Smart Buildings – whether concerning with access control, space utilisation, occupancy management or working efficiency and personnel security, G2 kit helps enterprises to construct smart workplaces.

Sports – in sports, G2 kit has competitive advantages in detailed in-game analysis, strategic deployment, motion data analysis, live interaction, training adjustment, and athlete performance estimate, creating a reliable user experience.

Retail Spaces – the trends in smart retail require better performance in customer behaviour analysis, in-store positioning, anti-theft alarm and background monitor & support systems, all done by Minew AoA G2 kit.

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Reviewer: Rosa, Eason

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