Minews upgraded B8 Plus Bracelet that helps workers maintain social distancing. Integrate smart B8 Plus to your organizations ensemble and keep your business running safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Key Features to know in advance
● Humanized Alert
● Proximity alarm and real-time temperature record
● Adjustable Alert Mode
● Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
● Mniew DEMO APP MBracelet Available

In the past few weeks, we have rolled out our B-series(B6,B7,B9), the bracelets for different applications to handle with virus exposure. B8 Plus, the upgraded one in Minew bracelet collection has been released and is available for your orders now.

So, what makes B8 Plus stand out? It’s a social distancing awareness bracelet designed to help people maintain social distancing by tactile and visual alerts and to log contacts and temperature.

Made by Minew’s experienced engineers, B8 Plus uses Bluetooth signal strength to alert the wearer if they are coming too close to another individual. A light vibration reminds the wearer to maintain social distancing. The wristband also generates a log of who the user has come into contact with and at what time of day, which can assist in contact tracing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

With a connected bracelet wearing like a watch, it can monitor wearers’ temperature to detect possible infection before the individual even knows they are sick. Early indicators of a COVID-19 infection are often missed by sporadic temperature checks, but by using a device that continuously monitors temperature can make it easier to spot infection. The wristband works by actively monitoring temperature to alert the wearer through their smartphone of potential infection so they can get tested and avoid spreading the disease.

Net weighing just 24.5g, B8 Plus is comfortably worn for hours without affecting work performance. Vibrations of alert not only ensures effective alarming, also keeps a quiet working environment if face-to-face necessary.

● Remind to maintain healthy distance
● Fast deploy at various workplaces
● Easy to keep clean and recharge
● Vibration and flash light alerts
● Simply operate on APP, also SDK available
● Data privacy and security guaranteed
● Syncs to the cloud
● Affordable

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa

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