SPEADEST&NEWEST release, Minew’s Bluetooth® 5. 1 Module which support AOA is already come out?

Minew Jun 12, 2019

To all the fans who are eagerly expecting for Bluetooth 5.1 module(AOA supported), Minew has come out the corresponding solution through our strong R&D capabilities.

Bluetooth World 2018 1

AOA functions.
In the Bluetooth version of 5.1, with this new feature – direction measurement, the Bluetooth device can determine the direction in which the signal is transmitted from another Bluetooth device. This seemingly basic ability significantly enhances the Bluetooth location service. Now, the precise position of the target device can be assisted by the angle between the two fixed devices and the device under test.

Minew’s newest nRF52811 based Bluetooth 5.1 module with an integrated high-performance PCB trace/Ceramic/U.FL antenna has passed the test successfully.
Even though the test result is confidential, the editor has to say, nRF52811 based module will not let your down.

Can’t wait to test the newest features? Please refer to:

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