Continuing with the S3 Temperature & Humidity Sensor we launched last week, today we’re excited to introduce its good helpmates—Minew S4.The combination can monitor the environment and increase your comfort and safety.


Based on BLE 5.0 technology, our sensors are faster and advertising range is greater. Insisting to low-energy consumption, the Bluetooth 5.0 equally ensures more speed, distance and throughput.

Data Received by Gateway
The data of the sensors can be uploaded to the local servers via Gateway to realize remote monitoring, intelligent nursing, abnormal warning, various scene linkage, etc. The local servers are administered by the customers themselves to gurantee the security of data.

Check on APP
The status signal, received by the sensors, is converted into digital data and broadcast it to the phone APP Msensor through Bluetooth Users are able to check the data on their APP as they like.

Wide Broadcasting Range
By means of BLE 5.0, the maximum advertising range of our sensors is up to 100 meters, suitable for various scenes.

Long Service Life
Both of the sensors are excellent in durability, as S3 is equipped with industrial grade battery, and S4 is designed with the replaceable battery. They are absolutely  cost-saving.

Easy to Use
To install by simply peeling off the adhesive on the back of S4 and then mount the main body and magnet to the door frame and door respectively. S3 can be located anywhere you want with its compact design.




They can be applied in hundreds of places such as warehouses, archives,families, laboratories, workshops and collection halls,etc.

Our clients thoroughly impressed with the lifespan and quality of the device and we have received a lot of compliments about the overall design. The S3 & S4 are the top choice for those who want to manage their daily life or business well-organized and easily operate in a great looking .

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa,Eason

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