According to our internal annual report, i10 Durable Location Beacon, mainly popular for its outstanding battery life, is the prior choice by most of our customers and occupies one-fourth of shipments in Minew’s total annual shipments. Also, i10 is equipped with BLE 5.0 standard, up to 200m broadcasting transmission rang, and up to 7 years battery lifetime. The product fully meets the requirements for indoor positioning, asset tracking, proximity marketing based on real-time place, etc.

Why choose i10 among our abundant portfolios

7 years of battery life: The core feature is battery life. Almost the longest-lasting battery-powered Bluetooth beacon, i10 with replaceable battery provides reliable services in terms of reducing maintenance and deployment costs for enterprises.

Up to 200m broadcasting range: The transmission range is another  important consideration when it comes to Beacon choice. Especially for large indoor spaces such as supermarkets, shopping malls, industrial warehouses, etc. With a long range of up to 200 meters, i10 becomes the most popular and versatile beacon in the market.

Data security: Security is one of the most important considerations in IoT applications because of the wildly use of big data. Features with anti-malicious connection, helping users from privacy violation.

Strong compatibility: i10 can support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols for flexible deployment, and also supports Android or iOS systems for different mobile devices. The strong compatibility enables i10 to be fixed with the existing system without a large replacement fee.

Flexible installation: Double-side adhesives or screws installation is available. The i10 can be easily fixed with adhesives or screws anywhere. Also, the screw ports in different orientations can enhance the product flexibility according to the actual situations.

Typical cases

Due to the emergence of i10, most of our clients have already achieved intelligent management in their industry. And the typical cases are as following, which might give your some inspiration on your own needs:

Industrial IoT

Among the industrial IoT applications, i10 helps with the location management of assets, tools, and staff in factories. Users can save the amount of search time through real-time detection. Through analyzing the status of tools, users could streamline their workflow and improve their work efficiency.

Smart Retails

Combined with the mobile App, i10 can be used to track customer’s shopping habits and behaviors to send real-time promotion information, as well as provide the customer’s a proper shopping route to save their time, which can help shops improve the NPS.

Smart Buildings

For example, in hospitals or office buildings, users can get a better route by the electric map with the installation of i10; besides, opening hours, queue waiting information, and working progress optimization can be realized based on the geographical location.

Hotel Management

i10 enables room-level pinpoint location, tracking staffs’ location and status to optimize their productivity. Emergency alerts are also provided to help hotel managers respond quickly by customer’ or staffs’ accuracy positioning(room number location information along with GPS coordinates)in terms of accidents.

Far more than above those, i10 still can meet more different market applications. Minew’s location beacon is designed to provide you with more durable and more stable performance, helping you successfully achieve digital transformation.

Editor: Sheila
Reviewers: Rosa, Li

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